CREATIVITY to the POWER of INFINITY - anusha's initiative - 20th MARCH in HYDERABAD

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hi sir,
How r u? Myself Anjali presently i am into 4th year from Vignan Engineering college. I have attended the workshop on 20th March. It was simply super sir. It was really a great experience for me. I have also seen ur blogs sir, really great work. u r really an inspiring personality sir. I am really very sorry for being late in sending a feedback to u. I was busy with my project work and hence i am rarely on net sir. Anusha is my inter friend. She has informed me about some summer program which u r going to conduct in the month of May. I am really very sorry sir, I could not attend it as I have my Accenture pretraining starting from May 2nd till May 31st at my college.
I am really very very happy for getting an oppurtunity to listen to u. But at the same time i am not that lucky to attend the summer program which is being conducted by u and hence little sad for that.
Anyways wishing u and ur team a great success for this sir.
Thank u,
Hello sir,
Gud Evening
How r u? I am Anirudh, Anusha's School friend. I am pursuing 4th year Engineering in Electronics stream at IIIT campus, Gachibowli.
I have attened ur 20th March workshop on creativity at Ravindra Bharathi.
Firstly when Anusha asked me to attend the workshop i was really not that keen, but I have come there only inorder not to upset her.
Usually at our Campus we do have many workshops going on every alternate day and hence i thought even this might be of same kind.
But after attending the workshop i could be able to find the difference. It was really a great experience for me sir. The way u were motivating the students was really wonderful.
It was really a great day for me sir. I am really a guy who doesn't care anyone, but I really have developed a great respect towards u sir after listening to ur workshop.
On that day i had an exam and hence i have left immediately after the workshop and hence couldn't meet u. Even i have missed the oppurtunity to spend some time with our school teacher who have attended the workshop. But I am really very happy to meet my school friends and teacher. I am very thankful to u for such a wonderful workshop.
Anusha spoke to me regarding arranging a workshop of urs at our campus. But the main problem is I don't have much time in actively organising it. Hence I told her that I would introduce her to few of my friends and would ask them to help her out regarding this. Even I would be very glad if u can conduct a workshop at our campus.
Wishing u a great success ahead sir.
Hope that u continue this mission of motivating students and igniting the energy inside them.
Thanks a lot for patiently reading my long mail.

hi sir

u remember me? i previously send u mails for robo project. i am jbrec anusha clasmate. i miss feb workshop but i attend the 20 march workshop. it was nice sir , it was great. sir i heard that you will take a session in our college when it is? sir please tell me if u r conducting any other workshop. i am getting inspiration from your session.

akhila bharathi

Hello sir,

I am M.Srivarna and I am pursuing my engg. 3rd year.I attended your workshop on 20th march in Ravindra Bharathi.Your speech was very fascinating sir.Iam saying it because many of my questions were got answered. I felt very glad to be there. I want to join as a volunteer for shiksha organisation and heard about your summer program. As I am an engg. student it is the peek time for me and my exams are going to start soon.So, I cannot take part in that. To become a part of this organisation please sir, let me know the functions that has to be done by me.

Thanking you,

yours sincerely,



really i always had a wish to do all such kind of things bt i dint get a proper base for me..nw after listening to ur speech im so inspired...n i got a confidence in me dat i can also do sumthng...thank u so much sir..thank u: it was an awesome inspiring speech sir...thank u for making me a part of it too..

hello sir,

I am engineering student in second year. I was lucky enough to listen to your talks two twice and was greatly influenced by them so i thought that you could help me out. I passed out my tenth with a decent 87 percent and then joined a corporate college. i dint know what to do or which direction to go then but slowly i wanted to study in an iit. but by the time i realised this it was too late and got so disheartened that i could not even prepare properly for the rest of the competitive examinations. the amount of pressure in the corporate college was too much for me to take and it also contributed to my depression. finally in the last three months i could not bring myself to open a book to prepare. i myself dont understand whether it was overconfidence or arrogance or i just gave up. but the result was i failed in every competitive examination even though i managed to score 92 percent in my intermediate second year boards. ………

sir naku mehtone undlai anipisthundhi evary second

i want to lsiten ur speeches all time mainly the slokas menaing some power is dere sir

am so happy ….

hiii anusha tiz iz pradeep sravyazz frnd..
i hv attend 2dayz workshop, itz really intrstng and very usefull 2 me personally
u did a g8 a gi8 job by organaizng diz event
itz nt possible 2 me 2 great u der...........
iam also intrstd 2 do
soooo. plz inform me ven ever u r condutng r attendng diz kind of wrkshps
once again u did a gi8 job.............
bye tc and all d bst 4 ur future

Hello sir.
Im chaithanya,studying B-tech, Ece branch.
I attended to ur seminar on 20th march at ravindhra bharathi.
It was an awesome speech.I enjoyed a lot.
First time i listened to a speech without seeing my watch.
Sir,i get many doubts while im studying,but there is no guru who clear my doubt.
could u plz suggest me professors,who had patience to answer my doubts.
May u plz mail me some professors email ids.

Waiting 4 a reply 4m u sir.........................................................

Thanq sir.

Dear Chaithanya:


Glad on your email.

Nice to learn that the class was helpful and u enjoyed that.

Hope that made a spark and will be able to make a fire on that.

see the philosophy and activity plan of shiksha.

we believe students in the peer level can discuss and learn better than finding a professor and relaying on them.

our summer session and master lab are focused on making such self-learning peer group and activities for them.

Hope you too have the social responsibility and find some openings to be part of this great mission.






POST / email your QUESTIONS to

LOOK at this Presentation and Make Your Questions.. LOOK at this Presentation and Make Your Questions..

LOOK at this Presentation and Make Your Questions.. LOOK at this Presentation and Make Your Questions..



A workshop on the importance of FREEDOM of selection of career, LIFE, related learning and teaching.

Many individuals do contribute but at times the fame and name along with satisfaction is derived only by the TOP management. Individual social responsibility is understood by people when they are in high position and today Corporate Social Responsibility is the catch word!

It’s better to get the perspective at an early stage and realize the dignity to lead a LIFE worth the credit and debit of LIFE. Later once you get into JOB and fame, self & family actualization, passion, satisfaction is BURNT down in the FIRE as self-created by relationships, family and status responsibilities.

A students’ volunteer initiative is enthusiastic in redefining learning and teaching. They want to be creative and be a part of the movement. This is what SHIKSHA stands for under Dr T P Sasikumar. Around 1000 students are expected for the session on Creativity to the Power of INFINITY by Dr T P Sasikumar, on the 20th March.

Dr T P Sasikumar has taken his voluntary retirement from Space Department. His tenure of service in space department was at Advanced Data Processing Research Institute in Secunderabad He has worked as deputy director in the cabinet secretariat, as director in the University Grants Commission-Academic Staff College . Above all he has also worked and contributed at the ISRO HQ for Program planning and Project Management.

Topic : CREATIVITY to the power of INFINTY
Speaker : Dr T. P. Sasikumar
Venue : Ravindra Bharathi
Date : 20 March 2011 (Sunday)
Timings : 9 am to 1 pm
Entry Fee: Rs.100/- (includes SHIKSHA Participation Certificate +Lifetime-membership of SHIKSHA

Those interested, contact Anusha on +91-9848042692.
You may also mail her at


I Durga Anusha said...

Wow Nice Presentation chachu..That can be understood by everyone and can get a clear picture..

manu said...

Thank You So much Durga and the Team who gave us the oppurtunity to meet sit and hear him....... it was really a gr8 show.

Manu Panicker

Abhilash said...

Yup missed it
i vil com nxt time

Saleem said...

really nice had a great feeling through out the session

benyne said...

Dear all,

I went through the theoretical and practical works conducted by Dr.T.P.Sasikumar. Especially, related with the topic of creativity found from the following links:

It was a real flow of novelty that should be considered.The thoughts were found to have a blend of many precious Eastern and Western thoughts. I should say, not a simple blend of,but it is a cream out.Wish you all success sir+I am sure that this work will get a great acceptance !!!


Wish you a great time in creating the ORIGINAL blend out off everything !!!

Palayoor Benyne Jos
Clinical Psychologist