Raising of India by the Rays of India - 60 Collected Essays

Friday, March 22, 2013


I was and am thrilled seeing the varied topics and the nice articles contributed by the promising youth of this great nation .

I was not planning to write in this book. Had the dream of a book totally by YOUTH. I am writing this as I am not able to hold the spirit or feeling of jotting-down a bit.
This is a result of my Holiday SHIKSHA Sessions and the interaction that I had with the Youth in India from North-Hamirpur to South-Thiruvananthapuram for the past few years.

Writing Vision-Mission-Action will make the youth at least to think in that direction, and may be a spark of getting the Self into the Leadership of this great nation with Value, Wisdom and Commitment is generated.

I do hope each individual in this country turns to be citizens of dignity in this great nation.

I thought of giving the idea thrown to YOUTH and wanted them to take-up the task of making the book. Unfortunate that, youth of India is so busy with lot of pressure from parents, media and what not?

Youth with freedom are the one who created revolutions in History. They need to have the freedom like a kite. The string that the parents hold is to make their fly safe. Make the youth to go to higher heights.
Keeping them active is important. Today’s Youth are so dynamic and good with multimedia-virutal-knowledge around. They can make a huge horizon.
Creating Dream and Positive Thinking, specially that in Action : As shown by Swamy Vivekananda was tried with those contributed. My inputs in each essay was for Creating National Feeling, Leadership In Action.

Writing in specific format and to the required length is an art. Few of them were not able to stick to this. I was forced to take-up the task of editing and layout to printing. Though youth is fully on digital, with repeated reminders too some of the contributors haven’t fulfilled the needed data for the book.

All these are defects that are to be rectified and I feel it is my failure that I am not able to make it foolproof in the desired time.

Guess this Pre-Publication Release will be an eye-opening action for the contributors in updating the data and also motivation to those who are waiting to contribute. Expected to bring out the full version of this book in the nearest future.

There are many to be thanked for their contributions. But special are the effort of Durga Anusha in supporting collecting essays and editing a few.  Srikanth was special in driving the Cover and the Title in this present form. Thank you for all those made SHIKSHA to create this collection. Special Thanks to Prof. U M Chaudhary,  Principal, Aurora’s Engineering College - Bhuvanagiri for all the Support.

With all the very best wishes on this YOUTH DAY, for all YOUTH to have Creative, Productive and BLISSFUL days ahead.

UNFORTUNATE AND IT IS MY FAILURE that I am NOT able to MARKET this. Waited so long for the (ACTIVE?) for their initiative and today (22nd march 2013)  thought of posting e0-version in this UNFINISHED style on my BLOG.




Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
Srikanth Banala
DOB: 26/12/89
Education: B.Tech
S.Engineer in Infosys. Ltd
Address: Seethaphalmandi, secunderabad.



The India a peaceful place to live, this is what I want India to be, and ‘a place to live’ means a lot. It should be self-sustained, self-sufficient, self-disciplined, in all aspects of life. With a huge knowledge base, military base, talent base it should be the most happening country in the world. With sustainable ways of life, it should have enough water, food, and work throughout the year.  India should be in a position of producing all kinds of goods thus decreasing the imports and at the same time make the best business in exports. With advanced kind of ethical and technically strong politics India should cherish with love, peace among all diverse people. It should be a green land with highest percentage of forest area, preserving all species and developing a great tradition which drives the next generations through a bright and peaceful future.

A change in the mind set of people, especially the people who play a key role in the society like politicians, administrators, teachers, Industrialists, government servants from selfish to selfless would definitely make a difference towards building India. Firstly, politicians should develop a broader view towards the benefit of India as a whole in a long lasting manner instead of acting temporarily for personal benefits, or for the benefit of few. Secondly, the civil servants who come with a great determination for a selfless service towards the development are not able to perform what they are expected to due to many causes and reasons. Avoiding these reasons from stopping them to work as they have to would make a difference. Thirdly, teachers are the main backbone of development of a better next generation. Moving to the Imports, there is a need to decrease the number of imports and increasing the self-sufficiency, for this there is a need to increase the no of industries, in varied domains. This should be done by industrialists, by opening up for new technologies and ideas, thus increasing the productivity in all fields, which in turn decreases the imports, decreasing the dependency of Indian economy on world economy increase economic stability, and employment. Finally, modernization of India should be done in an efficient manner and thus preserving nature.

       I would participate in social activities which work towards the development in environment like planting trees, etc and strive towards protecting our environment. I will join politics and give my 100% towards the development of a better India by providing the best administration. And strive to increase employment by starting some industry, thus decreasing some amount of imports. And always spread this message of rebuilding of India.

B.E, III year, National Engineering College,    Kovilpatti-628503.

45,V.K Road,
Tirunelveli Junction.



India is a land of  varied culture and rich tradition . India is the second populous country next to India. My vision about our nation is ‘Developed Nation’. To me, Developed Nation is the positive transformation  in agricultural, economical, political and social status of the people. Fortunately we can achieve the vision as we have 66% of youth population. It is all how we direct their thoughts and actions towards the development of the society. There comes a day when  people of other nations astonish at our giant leapt and try to learn from us.

India is on the way to attain the Developed status. Every citizens must take on the responsibility of making our nation developed on their shoulders. Many people are in need of basic amenities. Education is the first and foremost necessity of a civilized man. Many people do not know how to read and write. They are in need of jobs. They need a proper pay. They could not feed their children. Many of their houses are neither built nor thatched. They need a safe place to dwell.  The environmental & sanitary conditions have to be much improvised. The mal-nutritional & diseased people must be looked after. They should be prevented from involving in social evils. Thus upliftment of masses should be our mission. I have planned to work for the same in the coming years.

Firstly I will teach them how to read & write. I will teach them to acquire labor skills so that they may get menial jobs. I will aware them about savings. I will assist them in getting loans for starting business. I will encourage the women to start self help groups thereby providing space for them to involve in cottage industries. I will take initiatives to provide computer based learning to the children besides arts. I will teach hygiene & cleanliness. I will insist the govt. body to conduct health camp regularly. I will also take care that govt. schemes provided reach them out safely. I will  take efforts in inculcating the spiritual values to them so that they remain undistracted from ethics& morale, remain patriotic. I believe that if  each one of us contribute we can  attain the status of the Developed nation in few years.

 Divya Divakar
21  (03/06/1991)



“Nahi Inanena Sadrsham” Nothing is equivalent to knowledge. In my dreams, I dream of an India, which is hundred percent literate. Literacy is the only tool which can mitigate the lifestyle, vision etc of the people. Knowledge can guide everyone from darkness to light. Moreover everyone should be given proper guidance for using the knowledge. I am dead sure that this will unearth many innovative ideas. As Swami Vivekanada said ‘Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.’ Many areas in India are still illiterate and lack good facilities for education. Every educated person can contribute a lot to the country. So my biggest dream about India is to see our mother country hundred educated.
Each and every person can contribute to the development of country. Every citizen can contribute towards it. Many may think making our country cent percent literate is a surreal. But if there is a will there is a way. There may be many impediments in the path, but we have to consider it as small pebbles in the path. I want to be a civil servant in my life. Every kid born in our mother land should be trumpeted by the great source of knowledge. It will also help in eradicating child labor. The first thing to do for this is to make elders aware about the importance of education and should make parents aware of taking their kids to school. I strongly believe that, being an Indian it is one of my important duties to serve the country. Also I strongly believe that, I can do a lot for it.

Five year from now I foresee myself as an IAS officer. The first thing I will do is making elders aware of the importance of education. Campaigns will be conducted for that. So they will be made aware that today’s kids are tomorrow’s citizens. Also, funds will be allotted for food, books, uniforms and grand’s will be given for students from poor background. This will make parents from very poor background also to let their kids to the schools. Also I will arrange special team for managing evening classes for elder people. Moreover small libraries will be setup in every place even in remote villages. Being an engineer I will use my technical skills in the planning of activity classes for kids in order to make interest in them for improving science skills. Rather than making them mugging things, I will guide teachers to make them understand the things, theories etc by setting good experiments for them. Another important thing I will do with primary concern is improving the quality of education in government schools. This can be done by providing better facilities such as good laboratories, internet facilities etc. District wise motivational classes will be arranged for children. There are many hidden gems in many rural areas and orphanages. They are never getting any option for better studies. Reservations in schools will be given for students from very poor backgrounds. However before achieving my IAS, which means during these five years, the best thing I can do is to work hard to achieve the position and to learn more about educational sector. And I am very sure that I can see my dream come true in the near future.

  Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
Inter 1st year

104, sai darshan apt.,
P.V.N colony, mirzalguda

           Education is an important activity in society. It gives an opportunity to understand the hidden world behind us. What would you do, if you weren’t educated? You couldn’t read or write. Foremost, it could turn out difficult for you to find a job. Knowledge and understanding come to us through education. For the reason that, India is lacking education for all, especially in the rural areas, we must take a step forward to educate illiterates. Like any other teen, I would want to improve the education where only half of the Indians are well educated. The illiteracy rate grows over time and the uneducated people grow even idler. Another important role of education is- it also helps to improve communication skills.
          This mission of education for all must be implemented especially in rural areas. Initially, rural are the places where need for education is a must. Moreover, by educating they get to explore things. Rural areas are lagging in performance compared to urban areas. There are many ways to improve education in rural areas like :-
v  Supporting children for higher education.
v  Providing better facilities in rural.
v  Free education programmers to poor people living in villages.
v  Availability of bus facility for distant places to travel.
In this manner, we can find all Indians educated very fast. Having considered to education for all, it is also reasonable to look at community participation. We should make sure that the poor make fullest use of education too.

           For the aforementioned reasons, there is no doubt that India will sooner be a literate country. By improving adult education, improving the quality of education, proving free and compulsory primary education for all, expanding early childhood care and education, Indi will soon have educated citizens. Given these facts, we can conduct few seminars in urban areas so as to make India prodigious enough to have literates. Every person can put a step forward to make sure every citizen of this country is educated at least till the minimum age. Schools in urban areas can take the children for a trip to rural areas. This way, they get to know that there are many people who have to be educated. The rural people can learn by interacting with knowledgeable and experienced people in varied fields. Making good progress at education is the key to finding a route out of poverty for many educating quality. In this way, education should enable the youth to improve the working of the society. So, every citizen of the country should be educated to develop himself and the country.

Hyderabad / Andhra Pradesh
Durga Anusha I
DOB: 28/01/90
Education: B. Tech.
Systems Engineer,
Infosys Ltd.



  India is a vast country, having a huge population of high spirits but low self-esteem. It is progressing at a frustrating slow rate for the people of my generation. Its multi-linguistic society, diversified culture, very bold history and traditions are impediments to its rapid growth to emerge as a Powerful Nation. At the same time progressing with its types of complexities is no less an achievement. Basic education to all is the only solution in my mind to make this country’s development, a faster one. Basic education would help in reducing caste barriers, inequality in gender, creating awareness about basic hygiene and environment, becoming more responsible towards the society, not following the old superstitious traditions blindly, having greater respect towards the physically challenged and elder people of the society, and eliminating untouchability. Huge strides have been made by the present generation towards providing basic education for all but the result is percolating gradually with the society. More concerned steps are required towards achieving this goal of “Basic Education for All”.

  In order to achieve or to make progress in the directions of achieving “Basic Education for All”, our youth has the biggest role to play. Simple inspirational and motivating ideas should be given shape to enable the youth in helping the society in achieving this at a faster rate. Young graduates who graduate from their degree college and get employed in the companies should be given the responsibility to educate people around them. Every employed youth as a part of his/her training should be given a time of 3 months to achieve educating at least 5 persons around him/her. The government and the companies where the youth is employed should co-ordinate in order to make this process a smooth one. Institutions which have the reputation of harnessing youth energy and utilizing it for the betterment of the society can also help in giving direction to this idea by associating themselves with different companies and proposing line of action by preparing plans which would help the companies to direct the youth to rural and semi-urban areas.

  I aim to be in Indian Administrative Service which I will achieve in another 2 years’ time, I will ask the authorities to help me implement my above ideas by placing me in a position where the activities of this effect can be implemented and monitored. With the help of many senior administrative personnel already in the system this idea can be given a better shape. In time span of 5 years, a system can be established in this direction which would then be in place functioning on its own.
Youth working for the progress of the country would have the satisfaction of service towards their motherland.

“Jai Hind!!!”

Hyderabad / Andhra Pradesh
Divya Tatikonda
DOB: 05/09/89
Education: B. Tech.
Systems Engineer, Infosys Ltd.
H. No. 9-79, Street No. 4, HMT Nagar, Nacharam, Hyderabad, AP – 500076

UnManageable Population

It looks out-dated when I talk about Population Control but the real solution to India is in concentrating and putting highest importance in managing the population to the minimum levels. It is beyond any doubt that India has been struggling and facing the disturbing vicious circle for the last several decades which has been stunting the growth and development of our country. In order to break the destructive vicious circle, Population control is the only practical and result oriented tool to break it. All other major problems like corruption, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, housing, poor quality of life, low economic development and growth rates, unproductivity, social evils, insecurity, etc. are deeply interlinked with unmanageable population. I see the origin of all these problems is unmanageable population which India cannot afford in terms of facilities, resources, finance, quality of education, housing, employment and so on. Therefore my dream is to focus and emphasize on the unmanageable, uncontrollable and unwarranted higher proportions of population and to arrest the further geometric increase of population.
My goal and mission is “One Child per family” coupled with good brought-up of this child which in turn will bring about my Dream-India come true. First of all, I want to be an academician in imparting such education which can bring about desirable results reaching to all masses comprising illiterates and literates. As a social worker, I want to reach the select target with a clear-cut approach and specific strategy in an impressive manner that will attract all the illiterates and literates to implement One-Child approach. I have a specific and unique approach for illiterates. As a software technologist, I will design a module in which a thorough, comprehensive and comparative analysis of Single-child family, Two-child family, Three or more-children family which will highlight the specific benefits advantages of Single-Child family.
My vision is clear. I want to see India with 10 crores less population by 2033, taking two decades as a benchmark. I am going to achieve this by advocating Single-Child approach to each and every citizen of India irrespective of their religion, caste and creed. Though this may not be acceptable to all religions, I will plead and make them convinced and create a conducive atmosphere in achieving the strategy. This is for the sake of better India and better future for them. I will appeal and motivate them and bring about a sea-change in their thinking and accept for Single child approach. When I meet the targeted families, I will also stress upon the need to bring out very good character and personality in their child. This will lead to corrupt-free India. I will explain the targeted families about the specific benefits of giving best attention to Single child in all respects. It will equip them with a superb financial affordability for their child. The unique advantage lies in a 30% savings per month for the future as the expenditure on second child is saved. This will facilitate the child with better education, better facilities, better quality of food, better health & hygiene, better medical help and better safety. This will lead certainly to an ideal situation where in Single child can be molded into a good person with a good character and conduct. Therefore social evils like woman abuse, child abuse, thefts and crime will be drastically reduced. Because of more children, the family head is under enormous financial pressures forcing him to resort to unfair means and corrupt practices. Now the country is facing bigger scams and high level corruption which could have been at the minimum if both mother and father concentrates on their single child with emphasis on best character. Still, if anyone wants to have a second child, I will advise them to adopt an orphan or a needy child and help the society at large. I will create a website and use internet, social networking sites, SMS, MMS, emails, pamphlets, etc., to achieve the mission. The need of the hour is to shift the focus into achieving the “Single-Honest-Child” per family through the foregoing submissions for a better India tomorrow.
“Jai Hind!!!”

Surat, Gujarat
Gaurav Chintakindi

B. Tech III Year
Aurora’s Engineering College.

D-8/44,Dumbhal Tenament, Near Om Nagar, Post-Sagrampura.


Dream to See India- Educated

India attained independence on August 15, 1947.What has she achieved during sixty plus.. years of freedom? Though there has been considerable progress, the overall picture of life in the country is not up to the mark. Dr Abdul Kalam had once asked a little girl, what was her dream for India? The reply “I dream of a developed India”. This impressed him & to be honest this is also ‘My Dream’. I Dream of an India, where many scientists are engaged in doing significant researches, an India, which would be known for great scientific & technological advancements, an India where the likes of Tata’s & Birla’s would come up with new inventors, leaving the whole world amazed, great minds of the world guessing as to how the impossible was achieved An India, which is a leader not only in making new discoveries/inventions but also in spirituality.

Education is one of the most important factors that lead to the development of a country & society as a whole. In case of a developing nation like ours a proper education system plays a vital role in the growth & prosperity of the people. While e talk about the Indian education system we can easily divide it into three parts namely primary, secondary & the post graduation, where most people pursue the primary & secondary level of education the post graduation level is not very widely pursued for with the number of students growing by the day the need for larger amount of schools & colleges becomes all the moral integral. Though our country boasts of higher level of education in world renowned universities like the IIM’s & the IIT’s it lacks quality education as primary & secondary level education is concerned.

In order to improve the education system of our country, I would like to change the present system of education. There should be promotions on semester system which is already in practice in Gujarat which is providing this system from 9th class onwards which should be intended all over the India. Nowadays, the students waste their time the whole year round & then mug up a few questions & take the examination. These exams are in no way a sure test of one’s ability. I would like to give my knowledge & to contribute my part as teaching & serving the students. In our country, most of the schooling system have hardly 200 working days. I want to make use of those remaining 165 days as much as possible to guide the children. First, I will prepare myself for the best & then want to give my best to others. I want to gather as much as students in that period & ant to teach them as per my knowledge. I want to direct my attention to technical & agricultural education. Agriculture shall have precedence over the other subjects in village schools. I want to teach them a study of art or craft in my small campaign. I am convinced that the salvation of the country lies in preparing our young men in arts & crafts so that when they grow up ,have not to run for jobs. They can start independent industries & earn a decent living. With this, the question of unemployment among the educated young men would be solved. I wish that there would be no illiterate person in India of my dream, wish that India should introduce such system of education as should enable every citizen to earn his or her living.

B. Tech (ECE)
Associate-Corporate Sales, Freshersworld.com

#59, Saranya,
Junior Janatha Road,
Vyttila, Kochi



    Once upon a time, a food critic was given a chance at a banquet which was set up by the King of Heavens. There were different and wide varieties of cuisines. He chewed, licked, swallowed and predicted the ingredients of the dishes. At last, he reached a saffron coloured curry pot which contained a white coloured dish with a green spoon dipped within it. He tasted every bit of that dish and finished it off. The king asked him, “Oh Wise Man! Why do you look puzzled?” The critic replied,” I have tasted every dish in this room and could guess and comment on the ingredients used. But for this, I get the taste of infinite substances in the world. What is this dish called?” The King replied,” That is a very special dish. It contains all the flavours around the world. We call it, India!”. A land of 1 billion people with 100 billion beliefs and culture, India holds a vital position in the functioning of the world as a whole. But even with these many credits to claim for, we still have a far way to go. One of the key concerns which I feel is still on loose is the social evil of caste discrimination. After a long 65 years of Independence also, India is not a different place. Various suburbs and rural areas in India are still wrapped around with the envelope of caste discrimination. But why is the simple fact so unacceptable to the majority of the population? The deciding factors can be briefed. Initially, it was the bullying mentality of the upper and stronger class of people that resulted in the creation of such a divide in the mental strata of India. The division made the purpose of imposing power over the lower caste people even simpler. They were given a false depiction that they were born to perform specific tasks or jobs and were grounded for centuries.But the main concern is that even in this age of modern civilization and development, the common man in India still restricts himself from thinking beyond the barriers of caste and creed. This can only be dealt with the utmost weapon of modern times and that is education. A man should be well educated. It does not mean well qualified. An educated man can cater to the thinking and needs of the society and create moulds to transform a human being into a social being. A man as a child should be made aware of the traumas that the society suffers and the social evils that he has to ignore, and at the same time eradicate from the face of the country. Good messages can bring good thoughts and in turn develop to good deeds that a society desires from a human being. So, we as Indians, with utmost humbleness and infinite fearlessness, should decide ourselves and pass on the message to our brothers and sisters that we are one. United we stand to face the world with the taste of every essence of life and culture within our country that no alien has ever experienced. The message of unity and equality should be high and loud so that no social evil shall ever infiltrate the Indian minds.

Nellore / A.P.
Kasireddy Sai Suren Reddy
(Associate Programmer

Plot No. 93, Flat No. 101, Aruna Society, Jayanagar, Kukatpally, Rangareddy-500072

Bharath Lead By Youth
Mother India's future is in the hands of youth, who are properly guided by great intellectuals like Swami Vivekananda, understands the principles of chanakya and becomes fully enlightened like Buddha. India in my vision is free of all social evils that hinders India to become super power. Indians in my  dreams has no discrimination based on gender, caste, religion and creed. Dream India is a place where merit counts in every sphere of life, talent is encouraged, rule is rule for all, criminals are illegible to become politicians, does not let individuals, intellectuals, researchers, scientists, leave the country shore for better opportunities and recognition. I dream of India where every individual understands the importance of giving back to the society what has taken back from it, which strengthens our country. 
To understand and analyze the measures that can be taken to turn Indian youth into good leaders who can rise our nation to great heights. To make them understand the benefits in living a life in the path of dharma and truth and mobilize the spirit and energy that lies in them for the betterment of the country.
Every Indian has to take an oath that I have set a goal in a life to become a Leader, I will use my full potential to emerge as a leader in any field in which I  start my career. I will achieve it irrespective of all the obstacles I come across the path. I will lead an honest life, free from all corruption and will set an example for others to adapt a righteous way of life. I will feel responsible for the serving the society, enjoy the  way of leading my life in the path of Truth and Dharma.  I shall use all my knowledge I developed using the resources of India for the benefit of my nation.  I shall pay back to the society many times more than I have gained from it. As an youngster of my nation, I shall put all my efforts in helping the youngsters understand the importance of  leadership and how it further leads to success of our nation.
Being a big dream, it would take around 25 to 30 years to see myself as a leader in the field in which I begin my career. I will use my experience to guide as many youth as possible by helping them to evolve as a  leaders. Besides this with the help of  experienced people, we shall conduct many  Indian Youth Inspiration (IYI) programmes that can help the youth of India to emerge as futures leaders in all the fields and lead to India of my dreams. If every leader feels the same way, my dream about India can be achieved in less than a century from now.  
Finally, Dream, dream, dream. Dream transforms into thoughts. Thoughts result into action.

District / state :  Hyderabad/ Andhra Pradesh
Koonisetty Manikanta
(DOB) (03/07/1991)
B.Tech IV year

12-11-270. Warasiguda



India is a land of personas. The larger than life image of Mr. Bachhan and the down to earth personality of Abdul Kalam is the beauty of India. Each personality in India like Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Netaji Subash Chandra Bose believed in different ideologies  and yet met a common point about patriotism.
If we the citizens of INDIA stop dreaming / thinking about future INDIA then who will???
Better let me narrate a simple story for you..
One night while am driving along the R.P.Road suddenly I found a skyscraper at our place... I was wondered to see that for the first time at our place. The next day was astonishingly shocked to see the beautiful malls, flyovers, Airplanes, Clean Roads... The malls were welcoming me with the Humanoid Robots, It was an awesome India I have never seen then suddenly I woke up and came out of my dream... So then I thought, is this my dream on future India??

I thought “NO" Obviously "NO" Or do I feel my country excelling in the world market with $57 available for 1?? "NO" But it does not mean I have no dream for Future India. I searched for the inspirations of great personalities about India I found a famous personality Mohan Das Karam chand Gandhi with the Book "INDIA OF MY DREAMS" Gandhi says he dreams of “an India in which there shall be no high class and low class of people. The curse of intoxicating drinks and drugs. Then I thought Only dreaming results nothing but should convert them in to reality. So now what should I do?
Stop dreaming!!! Or wait for some one who helps me out...? Both the options do not work well.  My dream On INDIA ""---Students/Teenagers for the today are the citizens of tomorrow...---"" Most of the students are addicting to the drugs and the scope of the future INDIA is declining. Every Student/ Teenager should think about the future INDIA.
Eradicating Drug Addiction Should be done strictly. The anti-drugs should raise by different companies so that the pupil who are addicted can be out of cause now. Raids should be made by the civil servants on the areas which increase drug production. There are many ways to raid on these places and the police man can do it efficiently if and only if the politicians surrender who are behind the dangerous issues .This is the major issue in my point of view. The dowry system, The poorness, Reducing the hungry, development of the thoughts in the every citizen which makes all the things validate.  The Dream India will come true if the entire pupils are sincere to their heart, peace to their mind. Development in India results when Development in every Individual.
I will definitely contribute something for this INDIA. Contributing to India is not other representing contributing to the pupil in India. i.e., in my way serving pupil will result in contributing to INDIA. Sharing all the way, motivating the pupil about the greatness of INDIA, by following the friends so that no one will go in a wrong way. Caring the pupils who are in problems. I may not help the pupil financially but I hope they will be motivated to raise their financial path..




Empower the “better -half”

Life-since its creation, has been revolving around its creators; God, the foremost and then the men and the women; each equally blessed as the other. The more empowered each creed shall be the more shall the world progress.
 No wonder men play the entire role to development of a society but women own the credit of its creation. She is the pivot of any society; the piousness of a society is through her chastity. India specifically- the land of 330 million Gods and Goddesses, is the land whose scriptures stand firm to the fact of   yatra  narayastu  poojyate  tatra  devta ramante  which elucidates that where the women are worshipped , God resides there.  Great persons patronise the hands that rock the cradle as the one ruling the world. Yes! It is the divine mother, the compassionate sister, the beloved wife and the innocent daughter with whose nourishment can the fruits of magnanimity flourish.
 But Alas!!  Over this land whose Vedas chant the chivalry of Goddess Kali, a mother fails to rescue her girl. A mother who delivers a female is forced to throw the daughter in the dump yard; by her own family members, just to have a male heir. India is blemished for being the fourth most dangerous place for women. And Alas! This is the land where, to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, people keep their doors open and “the Goddesses” inside, are beaten mercilessly and are thrown out of their own house. This land, where Goddesses are draped in red silken dresses, witnesses undraping of its daughters. This land suffers from the dogmatic culture of child marriages which tends to destroy the youth of both the girl and the boy, but early age pregnancies cause higher mortality rate of the mother and the foetus, and even if delivery is successful; the girl bears the responsibility to bless the childhood of the progeny, before she could bless her own. Moreover, their educational and the intellectual development stop. Some families prevent their daughters from receiving good education, for they believe girls are born to manage the household. Some throw away all their earnings in dowry, considering it as the favour to buy all the happiness for her. But they are ignorant of the fact that to the lion, the flesh induces hunger that never reaches contentment. Marital rape is another stigma which is worse than prostitution. Another brunt over her dignity are the NATA PRATHA, where a complete market sets up to sale women and the saddest of all aspects is that the traders are women’s husband or father; women sent on “nata” never get status of wife, and the SATI PRATHA, in which women is forced to sit in the funeral pyre of her husband to prove her honesty. Our better mass needs to understand the fact that survival is possible only when symbiotic.
Lighting, alone, drives away the dark; Education removes all the ignorance. Educating the better-half about her rights, her freedom; speaking against the wrong, is the best remedy. I wish to call out for volunteers to open help centres in every district which, to a larger extent, help the women community come out and speak; which would certainly help her overcome the trauma and shall give her courage to stand against the wrong. Adolescent girls must be educated to stay away from person whose behaviour is derogatory and they must be taught to report any mishap to her family. Police officials must be informed in case sati pratha or nata pratha is witnessed by any person.  Lack of educational qualification and hence employment makes women destitute. I desire to open Training centres with the motive of making women competent in education and more appropriately in professional courses; skills of earning a livelihood shall help her become self-reliant. Teachers of village schools, where girls are more prone to early marriages, must bear the responsibility to enlighten girls about the advantages of education and disadvantages of early marriages. Woman must ask for a share in paternal property, so that she wouldn’t be any longer at the mercy of her husband. Girls must be taught to refuse the relation whose foundations are built with dowry. Women must be encouraged to say no to sex-determination of child before birth and should be lessoned that daughters are as good as sons. Through the help of government laws, every medical institution must be warned against unjustified abortion which would help prevent female foeticide. Last but certainly not the least; portraying the image of world without women and showcasing it to the mass shall contribute in convincing them about the dire consequences. In the end, I would wish to conclude with the message that a no matter how soft her heart is; when she shall come up to revenge this land will be barren once again with no possibility of revival.

rahul goyal
Pursuing M.Tech in Nano Science & Technology

S/O Sh. Balraj Goyal
Monu Medical Hall, Near State Bank of India,
Railway Road, Tohana (Fatehabad),
Haryana -126 120


The scarcity of water, in terms of both quantity and quality, has an intense threat to the current and future well-being of people worldwide, especially to people in developing countries. Today, a large quantity of water is polluting in many ways like industry wastes, house, and municipal waste water, which can be made useful for the society if make some possible actions. Currently many tools and techniques are available for waste water purification but these purify water up to a certain level due to cost factor, complexity of technical procedures and time consuming analysis. These all shortcomings can be effectively and efficiently resolved by using such a novel technology which should have advantages over tools and techniques using presently for the waste water treatment. Nanotechnology is the best option for waste water treatment and purification at low cost, least time, sample, space and labour consumption.

Approach for waste water purification: Nanosensors for the Detection of Contaminants and Pathogens

Nanosensors are the best option for the detection of contaminants and pathogens, allowing use of unusable water sources. Current water quality studies rely on on-site and laboratory analysis, requiring trained staff to take water samples and access to a nearby laboratory for conducting chemical and biological analysis. Nanosensors can detect even single bacterial cell (e.g E.coli) as it works on the nano scale making them more sensitive. Detection technology for water purification would allow people to know more quickly which contaminants are, without sending samples to laboratories for testing as all laboratory operations are occurring on a small silicon chip using either MEMS or NEMS technology. Nanosensors are miniaturized hand held device incorporating nano and micro cantilevers on a microchip. The microchip is disposable after each use, allowing it to be reconfigured with new on-chip cantilevers configured to detect different molecules. This system can analyse chemicals in water up to a range of parts per trillion. Nanosensors can be constructed to detect many different toxins or to detect the same toxin.

Continued progress in use of nanotechnology for biosensors shows great promising approach in detecting toxicity and purification of waste water. Nanosensors for water are created in order to combat the contamination of water by blue-green algae which produce cyanotoxins by assembling gold nanoparticles on nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes. The Nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes are less toxic to cells and have better biocompatibility than un-doped carbon nanotubes, making them more suitable for use in nanosensor. The nitrogen that bonded with the nanotubes also provides an active site for the gold nanoparticles to anchor onto, much like enzymes forming an enzyme/substrate complex with the complementary substrate can possibly be adapted to combat the Vibrio Cholerae bacteria. Thus, we can conclude that nanotechnology is an intense beneficial technology detecting micro/nano quantity of infectious agents in water and purify them in short time ensuring quality of water making again reusable for commercial purposes. Hence, we can finally say that nanotechnology is probably the only realistic route to successful future advances.  

Anantapur/ Andhra Pradesh

DOB: 02/04/1991

B. Tech.
Civil Service Aspirant

D/o. S. Murali Krishna
D.no: 12/4/110
Obuldev Nagar


Poverty Eradication

India is a great country and I am very fortunate to have born in this holy land. However, our mother land is confronted with many problems. One of the major issues is "POVERTY".

India was once a very wealthy and surplus country. In this context I want to mention that every individual was served with equal justice i.e., there was a very good economic development and so less Poverty prevailed in our country. But now Indian society is not that prosperous as it was. Everywhere we can see poverty which is added up with corrupt actions and other major problems like lack of basic health facilities, illiteracy and unemployment.  My vision of India is to see it as a developed country in all walks of life, maintaining its consistency and be ideal to all the world nations

I view poverty as a situation where people are deprived of their basic amenities and lack knowledge of living a healthy life. My mission is to eradicate poverty. I want to bring this into every citizen's mind. Collective Responsibility (CR) is the way forward. This means that every one individual should provide or serve the poor by providing educational facilities and training, self-employment programs, creating employment generation jobs, health services, moral support, values and ethics, financial help etc and also encourage and indulge others to serve the same to the people suffering from poverty. This will be a virtuous chain. By adopting this, I think everyone will realize their responsibility of serving their nation to make it poverty less. CR is very much essential for a country like India where there is "Unity In Diversity". The CR must be consistent to achieve this mission.

My action plan initiates from me. Let me initiate the mission by forming a small group initially by letting them to know my mission. I shall start my mission from the villages, my native, neighbouring towns, and so on. I shall ask every individual of my group to follow the same in their surroundings. By having a look at this I hope every person will perform his best and provide best for his surroundings. "The power in a team is massive". I am a civil aspirant. As a future civil servant, I shall further lead my team towards my vision.  By this action I hope I can accomplish not only my vision but also millions of Indians.



No Class and Caste – Brotherhood in India

I'm an aspirant of - no 'Class and caste' system, 'brotherhood' religion, and a 'fully developed and corruption-less' INDIA.

From my childhood my elders and teachers taught me that we follow "DEMOCRACY" in India... but i see only "corruption"ism... want to see all the government offices to work like a top MNC's , every first person helping the needy people ... all politicians working for the welfare of the people..!! A well flourished country.... no people under poverty line...! I dream NO POLITICS in politics, as this field is only for betterment of the people and eventually for the development of the country!! Religions and caste "work" only for strengthening relations in the society! And in my country i want all basic needs like education, medicals... etc free of cost for all the citizens irrespective of religion, caste and class! I dream of that nation where all the youth take the lead and all the seniors will guide!! Last but not the least... i want my rupee is equal to the dollar which was on first day of independence!!
Though I have many thoughts for my country... I want to focus on the few issues which adds to the development of our nation...

caste and class system: one of the solution I refer to eradicate the difference of 'caste and class' systems in India... is to make all the basic need like medicals, education etc., for free irrespective of class and caste..
As government gives free education: there will be no reservation in education and jobs, purely it should be based on performance based allocation should be done! And after one starts working government should take some cuttings (5% of his salary i prefer for few years) for charging his education!  This not only solves the reservation problem but also it creates the feeling of "equality”! That decreases hatred between castes and classes, chances for decreasing religion feeling as well!!
2. I feel encouraging inter caste and inter-religion marriages the one of the best solution to solve this problem!
Eradication of corruption: as the old sayings...
  1. Need to elect good politicians...:  just think about this “in my country when a driver post needs a quantification of matriculation, why don't they need a qualification for politicians??" 
  2. Strict the rules and the maintenance of law and order: a separate autonomous body should be made in charge. Officer, politician and any public servant should be immediately removed from his post when suspected in any case and he/she should be no more eligible to any job (government or private)     and no benefits are given from government to particular person!
  3. Change in common man: as the technology is developed... people must make a habit of using the technology and should trap the officers who ever demands bribe and government should take illegal action very fast and before that, all the services should made easy to reach people with very easy process (if it’s an ache process people bribe for easy way.. here we should keep in mind common people need easy ways they are not bother of internal issues)
  4. Role media: instead of supporting the politicians and there parties... media should follow some ethics and should work on bring out the truth to reach the people!
My role as an individual:
 I always give my best to maintain all the rules and regulation of our law!
I treat each and every individual with equal respect; I respect each and every religion, u see we get holidays for all the festivals.
As an individual I know I can't change my nation as soon as possible but I still give a try. Because it’s my NATION, it’s MY PRIDE!

                   Kochi, Kerala
 rahul kartha


The Aesthetics of development

 A few of my friends were enthusiastic about the four line high way that was opened recently. I would like to invite their attention to a few things. Near the highways are roads full of potholes. At the turn of the road is a metro railway station. The huge building, originally painted in white, now got stains of pan masala on the walls and cigarette buds littered on the floor. In the nearby slums open defecation is a common practice. One would see buildings that resemble match boxes painted in awkward colors. Stray dogs and cattle would toddle along the highway as in the green pastures and men would walk happily over the animal excreta. And my friends would say “development” staring at the four line highway.
    A sect without aesthetic sense doesn’t bother about demolishing the ugliness around them. In fact they do not really understand the awkwardness. Though educated they continue to be narrow minded and their idea of development is based on this narrow mindedness. I would like to term their sense of development as ‘half boiled’. Most of our cities are not planned ones. Any capacity addition is driven by the immediate requirements only. Thus most of the cities are and towns remain half boiled.
    In a bid to embrace modernization people tend to negate our own traditional esthetic values.  My esthetic sense is invariably intervened with comfort and the sustainability. I was surprised to hear that the trees along the road side, in my own city, are felled ruthlessly because they cause obstruction to the advertisement boards along the road.  Concrete buildings pose some severe environmental concerns. Concrete manufacturing is among the most energy intensive manufacturing processes. Concrete slab absorbs heat and re-radiates it inside building. It will be very hot inside and most of the buildings will not have proper ventilations also. This makes the use of air conditioners in evitable. Thus most of the ugliness around us is attributed unplanned and unscientific infrastructure addition that will cater to increased energy consumption and biodiversity destruction.   
    Tourism is closely associated with aesthetics. Here the beauty is all about being natural. I was disappointed to see the Kanyakumari beach in dilapidated state mainly owing to the annoying constructions along the beach. Just imagine India being rebuked by the foreign travellers in the social networking sites.
    The beauty is not just physical. It has a physiological dimension also. Say a disciplined life is beautiful. A government service being offered without delay or corruption and a chaos less harmonious society where everyone abides to the rules and regulations sounds beautiful. A person talking to you in a sweet contented manner will be more attractive than someone shouting or talking senselessly.
    I will teach my kids to appreciate the flowers, the trees, the grass lands, the sunset in the beach, the butterflies, and the biodiversity. Having learnt literature I am able to conceive and appreciate a writer’s aesthetic imaginations. This makes reading enjoyable and gratifying. I would like to organize camps for young kids where they will be taken through various dimensions of a story or a poem. There, unlike the monotonous reading they are subjected to in their schools, they would learn to explore the books as much as their imaginations would permit them. I can also teach painting and organize competitions so as to nature the language of art and love which is of at most importance. Art shall no more be a burden.
    I have already started a website called mazhakkalam.tk. My friends are being encouraged to write poems and contribute photographs which they find suitable for the lyrics. The lyrics will be imprinted on the matching photographs and posted in the site. This, I hope, will make it easy for the viewer to understand the writer’s esthetic heart.
    I have given my civil services mains exams. If I get through, I will strive to give a thrust to art education. I would also suggest forming a panel of artists and poets to oversee the aesthetics of development in every city. It is high time that we should start inculcating aesthetic ideals, which would cater sustainable development.

Andhra Pradesh

Plot no:54,H.no:8-6-74/B/2, srinivasapuram colony, Ngos colony, V-puram,Hyd-70


My dream is CLEAN INDIA. Cleanliness in people and environment. First and foremost part of living is environment. A good environment provides healthy and wealthy living. Only people can make environment good and pleasant.

My nation is corrupted. Corrupted with rich and poor standards, crime, and making the society filled with dirt. People are spoiling the society in terms of polluting the natural resources and public places. To overcome these issues the mind set of people should be changed. To change people’s way of thinking one has to show the causes that are effecting due to their illegal actions. I see people spit on the roads or any public places .What makes their senses to commit such action? Do they spit at their homes where ever they want? No they don’t because they have the feeling of my place and I should keep it clean. In the same manner when they try to spit on any other place they should get the feeling of my home and I should keep it clean. I will develop organizations that will work for making people realize their actions and get the feeling of my home. Crime is increasing daily. Its involvement is linked with many fields and especially with money. Humanity is lost in people due to influence of crime. To stop crime useful resources should be provided such that one should not think of committing crime for fulfilling his/her needs.

As a social worker I will eradicate this corruption in people and educate them in terms of living. Only educating people may not bring change in the people all of sudden but creativity programmes such as dramas and movies may find the quick way for pupil’s reaction to corruption. As an academician I will develop educational instititutes that will educate poor children and their families such that no child is left without education. To keep our nation clean we should clean it and this sort of attitude I want to built in the people so as to keep my country clean. The rich and poor standards can be removed only when people stop respecting each other due to money. People should be respected for their kind nature and humbleness. This change in the society can be bought in the people by letting them know the value of the person. As the person stops polluting so do the environment is not polluted.

Rangareddy District, Andhra Pradesh.
14th August, 1996.
Inter 1st year.
FLT.NO.101, Godavari Towers, Vishnupuri Colony, R.K.Nagar, Malkajgiri, Secunderabad.


Science can never be called really improved or developed/useful until it cannot improve the standard of people having no standard. By standard I don’t mean wealth, luxury or anything else, I mean the capability to keep oneself up, without further falling down, I mean their intellect. Again, intellect is no degrees or certificates but wisdom.

                            The dream remains none-the-less similar, but not exactly. You may hear dreams about providing facilities to people, cutting corruption to use the money for the poor and bring up the Below poverty line people, or any other thing which ends up satisfying people for short term and externally but even for all this to happen in the best possible way and to make use of it without further degrading the cause, what you need in proper and good Intellect, the right Thought Process. This is the root of development and wellness, no matter where and for what. To make it larger is what I dream to do. Shortly, making people capable, capable of thinking, knowing, learning, interpreting and concluding. But a Conclusion can always be a Confusion, when learnt without Concentration and Core Intention. Many people who redefined greatness were born on this Land. Time and again, they have been successful to spread greatness in the Indian style, Influencing people throughout the world and when sometimes I come to know not so popular things about their greatness, thoughts or things that happened, it freaks me out to know what we’ve lost in the due course of time. Their greatness is cut above everything.

                            We should learn to manifest the power and energy within us, we should be able to realize the pre-loaded conceptions every human is born with. We have to get the will and desire under control and dream and act to get fruitful results. Starting with education, we should have a strict check on teachers, every teacher should be a role model, especially in government schools. As the students see such personalities infront of them everyday, practice kindness, well being, sharing , caring and collective learning, they will grow up to be so and makes other so. Camps can be started to make non-students aware of their power but only upto a certain age, for those who think can make a change. Every student must be taught the ability to interpret and understand and analyze on how to do their part to the society, let them be selfish but to the society or country as a whole, never as Individuals. Teach them how to do and yet not  tell everybody, because that would lead to ego, teach them goodness, and they will be kind, teach them greatness, and they will fight the ego themselves. They will indirectly, or unconsciously develop the ability to do the best in situation, to always lend their hand for help, and be busy in helping, they will develop the courage to say NO to unproductive useless things, beside not to step back to appreciate that should be  so. To know how things work, the mechanism behind them, to do wonders with their knowledge about things, wonders improving people, promoting universal brotherhood, to how not to insult, abuse or bully others, to have the courage the question the highest authority when needed, to unite and work for harmony, but not fight for peace, to not value material things, and worldly attractions more than Moral values, and culture, to know the culture in a better way, to break the narrow building walls between people everyday, to think out of the box, to be able to cry and share with fellow men, to inspire and inspire people around us, to lead a ordinary life, but to the fullest extent and in an extra-ordinary way, to accept bitter truths with a  sweet heart to neutralize the effect.

Things have to be done undercover. That is the way of nature and Human Life. The nature has its own principle of earning things, and human has learned to steal, because  they’re mot capable of earning. You don’t need official institutions to teach all this. It is learnt all by self, when the intellect Is ignited.

We ALL GROW THIS WAY, but the average rate at which we are developing individually to help unite as whole, tends to ZERO. We do not realize the greatness of so many things, as of now we have lost so many things unknown to us. All we need is realization and inspiration, both can be found within us. Believe in you.


 (DOB) (18/05/90)
Studying Ist Year M.A Social Work In Community Organization and Development Practice ,Tata Institute Of Social Sciences, Mumbai


The resurgence of the orient through the  oriental path

I am proud to be born in a country that was home to an ancient civilization that taught the world the philosophy of ‘Vasudeiva Kudumbakam’. The India of my dreams must  be a leader of the world in the true ‘Indian sense’  .India should show the world that power , leadership , domination are not a  product of economic and military  prowess but can be  a long term manifestation  of values, ethics and heritage. The Indian growth story should have chapters from ideologies but the root should be on our culture and ethos.
According to me, the two important problems faced by the country today are the rising inequality of Indian society and the moral corruption of the population. I see the second problem more significant and pragmatically solvable which if solved can help in solving the first problem. The people who have the resources and power to make changes are indifferent to the problem of the less fortunate. The mindset of the Indian middle and elite class should be a focus while analyzing the present problems of the country. The present Indian middle class mindset can be best compared to the mindset of an individual who has utilized the provision of reservation to reach a position and who then conveniently forgets the plight of his fellow brothers and sisters who need help. I feel this indifference and apathy, termed as the moral corruption even if not the root cause, but is the solution of other present problems of corruption, tainted leaders, insurgency etc.
If moral corruption is the problem, education is the effective solution. Education should not become a one dimensional tool to compete in the job market but a multidimensional solution to create citizens out of individuals. Children should be taught moral education which can impart Indian ethos to their young minds along with education for livelihood. As an individual I will do my bit to sensitize youth and children in making them responsible citizens. I will get involved in organizing and promoting camps and missions that work towards this goal. Nevertheless, the efforts have to be sustainable and effective for a larger population. For a change in the macro level, I will try to get into a career that can enable me or act as a facilitator in   the process of legitimizing such steps. Politicians, Civil servants, academicians etc. get such opportunities in some stage of their respective careers. In the long run, such steps can have profound effect in the quality of each individual of the next generation of this country. When quality of citizens improve, the quality of governance, quality of resource management ,quality of  foreign policy etc. will automatically improve, for, the nation is the sum of its citizens visions. My life will be purposeful and productive if I can become part of such a mission of rebuilding India along the lines of Indian philosophy.

  Andhra Pradesh
  Shilpashree Mahapatra
  BDE at Opulentus Overseas Careers

  Plot No. 53, Paigah Colony, Beside Anand Theatre, S.P.Road, Near Begumpet, Paradise, Hyderabad - 500003


Indian System Should Be Changed

India attained independence on August 15, 1947. Now India has achieved years of freedom.
There has been a considerable progress in India ever since 1947 but still India shows a depressing picture in reality.
Day by day increasing prices and growing unemployement is a major issue for a common man who remains poor as he was.
Though education has spread, its standard and quality has also increased, I believe that every individual should have the right to achieve basic education.
My view of the basic education means the learning of such wisdom, which students can adopt and utilize in their day-to-day life when they are grown up. Every child will have to undergo academic education until the age of 15 years. By the time they attain to this age they should know at least the following: -
1. Learning to read, write and speak in ones' native language or a language of their own choice.
2. Learning to handle the finances. (Salary, wages, minimum wage, loans, interest, how to gain required finance, types of loans, payment planning, restructuring etc.)
3. To learn basic knowledge of measurements in terms of distance, units, times, degrees and ratios etc.
4. Gaining the knowledge of important legal documents e.g. wills titles, ownership, agreements, partnerships etc.
5. Learning of laws of taxes and its various kinds, method of its collection.

In all these situations it is the responsibility of the youth towards the country to turn to the India of its dreams and for this money is essential for the development of one’s personality.
The wide gulf between the rich and the poor that exists today has largely disappeared and now People have freedom of thought and expression.
India is industrialized and modernized. Without industrialization a high standard of life is impossible. At the same time India has not discarded her ancient traditions and distinctive culture.
 Education is wide - spread, and there is practically no illiteracy.
 India is militarily strong and believes in non - violence, and strives to spread in the world the message of peace and brotherhood of man.
India is a land of fairs and festivals. As different communities belonging to different religions live here, therefore many festivals are celebrated regularly every year. Among these festivals, some are religious; some are based on seasons while some are of national importance. All the festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm in a colorful atmosphere.
Diwali, Dussehra, Raksha Bandhan, Id-ul-Fitr, Christmas, Gurunanak Jayanti, Ganesh Chaturhi etc. are the religious festivals of India. These festivals are celebrated by different communities but they are celebrated as a whole. We can see festive atmosphere everywhere in India.
Holi, Baisakhi, Pongal, Onam etc. are seasonal or harvest festivals.
Then comes our national festivals- the Independence Day, The Republic day and the Gandhi Jayanti these festivals are celebrated by all communities throughout the country. The Independence Day celebrated on 15th August every year reminds us those numerous freedom fighters that made the Britishers leave the country. They gave us our long-cherished freedom. The Republic day, which falls on 26th January, is observed with national feeling.
 In clear words I would like to say India without freedom is like a poem without words.
One of the biggest problems that are faced by India is poverty. India the home of 400 millions poor people living even below the poverty life and poverty causes many other problems as well. Due to poverty the other problem which rose includes child labor, crime proliferation and population explosion as well. To achieve all the goals and to become a modern state the solution is to reduce the poverty rate by increase the jobs ratio and another thing which is important to give equal opportunities to every citizen and to pay attention to increase the literacy rate as well. The other problems are gender biasness, inflation, illiteracy, employment and child labor.
Apart from all these there are several other problems towards our day to day life in India.
These problems arised are a major issue towards the essential part of our life such as Population, Corruption, Bureaucracy, Terrorism/Crime, Power Crisis, Social backwardness, Roads, Water Scarcity, Pollution Explosion, Corruption etc…
To add to the above I would like to say the solution is only one. End corruption & all the problems will be solved. All the government money is going into the pockets of politicians. They should be given a very strict punishment if they are caught taking a bribe.
To see the proper picture of India, to call India as a developed country not a developing country one individual should take a step forward for its better future.
One helping hand can help our India to see it on the top most of the world.

(Karimnagar / AndhraPradesh)
Sameeksha Chilukuri
DOB: 09/02/90
Systems Engineer

 Q.No: B-4/47, NTPC


Women – The Past, Present and Future of India

Our Nation India is a land of rich culture and heritage. It is marked for its tolerance all over the world. Its culture speaks about how woman in India are respected and worshipped. It is a land where great leaders, reformers, scientists, social activists were born and contributed a great deal in their own ways. I love and respect my nation for all what that it has given me and for what I am today. Being a part of this mighty nation I have right to dream about its future and contribute from my side. I am eager to see my country’s women free from all kind of exploitations. After 200 years of struggle for Independence, our country became independent. I just wonder that whether there would be a time when women can be independent and free from exploitation. Can this dream be realized? Indian women are struggling just to live a life of normal human being .According to some a recent survey, they are considered to be most stressed women among all the women in the world. She is a symbol of love, patience, will power then why can’t she be a symbol for freedom? The day when we use this phrase, we can put a stop to writings like mine and give answers to my questions. I think I’m just trying to be a drop in the ocean. How can I sow a small thought to achieve a big dream?
There is famous Sanskrit sloka about how to treat her “Yatra Naaryasthu poojyanthe Ramanethe thatra devathaha”. Women are supposed to be respected and worshipped, but the scenario is quiet opposite they are being exploited in every possible way. I am sure that just laws or rights are not enough to achieve or leverage the status of women. The current situation of women in India is self-explanatory. Who is exploiting her? The answer is very simple: male strata of society as well as women exploiting other women. The change is to be brought from them, their thoughts, mindset; it should come from their hearts and teach their future generations the same. This can be made part and parcel of our life. Let’s make this exploitation extinct. Now-a-days we can find women not only in every field but also in some crucial positions. This is an eye opener to prove the capabilities which are on par with men and sometimes on higher side.
    Being a part of the corporate world, I will actively participate in the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) team, Infosys, activities of my company and would make the team aware of the current scenario of the women and would take up activities that empower women and also help destitute women. Waiting for the day when no dad is worried about his daughter, no brother would worry and no women would pity herself on being a woman.

 Hyderabad/Andhra Pradesh
 Aarti Singh
B. Tech.

Aurora Engineering College

All Employed in India
As all people have great attachment to their own nation, even I am very much attached to my India. I love my India and want her to become a respectable super power in the world. It has all talent and capability. The British rulers exploited the country. At the time of independence, the country's economy had been shattered and there was unrest all around. In the sixty years since Independence, the country has made tremendous progress. However, it is still lacking behind in few aspects when we compare it with the other countries. India Of my dreams is peaceful, progressive, literate, and corruption free, where people feel secure, where health facilities are provided at the top level and Women of the country are treated with utmost dignity and respect. Drastic changes are to be made to make India of every Indians dream.
Unemployment is a major issue in India. There are a large number of educated and uneducated people, who are Capable of working, and willing to do it, roam here and there without any job. Various problems have caused this problem. Unless and until this problem is solved our Indians cannot advance much, economically and politically. Unemployment in India is mainly due to the high illiteracy rate, not having advanced technology, population growth and also because of cultural factors. When a country has a large number of educated unemployed, it loses the opportunity to utilize their talents. Thus there is a low level of economic development. Unemployment gives rise to all sorts of evils like, thefts, robbery, corruption, smuggling and gambling etc. Unemployed persons can easily get attracted towards the antisocial elements. They lose all faith in democratic values peaceful. They consider government is worthless as it is unable to provide them work. The problem of unemployment causes loss of human resources. Poverty is closely tied to unemployment in India. In over six decades, India has failed to eradicate poverty despite continuous growth. A lot is needed to be done to reduce the rate of unemployed persons in India. I want India to develop economically, politically and emotionally.
Unemployment in India has become such a complicated, economic, social and political issue that requires urgent steps to be taken to eliminate it. Half hearted measures or temporary solutions will not yield any fruitful results. The foremost requirement is to improve the existing educational system. There should be perfect coordination between our education and the industrial development. Children should be taught the applications of the practical knowledge in day to day life. By imparting practical training the children would gain in depth knowledge of the subject. They would gain confidence before they venture into the job market. The government in India is not showing any enthusiasm in bringing change in the present educational systems. All of this has led the Indian youth to face a tough life ahead once they are out of college. We will have to revise our educational policy. Government should take an active interest in this issue. India is basically an agricultural country. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. Agriculture in India s notes developed enough to accommodate all the unemployed youth. Our agriculture is still dependent on old and traditional ways of farming. The use of technology is not very popular in India. Unless agriculture is modernized with latest scientific methods it cannot provide a better future to rural youth. Another reason behind unemployment is over population in India. Unemployment is closely related to increase in population. All the steps to control growing population will help in solving the problem of unemployment. Without population control, no plan can give us desired results. The government should concentrate on these sectors to eradicate the problem of unemployment. Those in power should understand that the future of the country lies in the hands of the youth.

 Sowmya Yalla.


Towards a better India!!

          Our country India is the country with the richest and most diverse heritage, culture and tradition. We are all proud to be Indians. We have such a wonderful and we were ruled by many people. We have our own indigenous rulers such as the Guptas, and outsiders too such as the Mughals. But the most moving period in the Indian history was with the coming of the European rulers, especially the British. As any other nation, we too struggled for our independence and now we are proudly standing on our own feet. The independence of our nation has brought India pride. But are we really doing justice to its history and culture? What are we in the world today? 65 years of independence and we are still a “developing” nation. From the present status of our country it is quite obvious that we cannot merely put the entire burden on our poor leaders and government. It is time that we pull up our socks and we ourselves become trustworthy leaders. And this doesn’t just have to be in the views of politics. We just need to start small, at the remote areas where we are lacking behind and pick any and every field that we can hold on to and glorify our nation in that particular field.

Everyone dreams big and all have the right to fulfill their dream. Only when dreams turn into reality, true happiness is found. The same goes for our country. We all have great dreams about our nation. We dream that our nation should top in every possible field and aspect. Today, these are just dreams. But tomorrow, to turn them into reality, India needs its people (mainly its youth) that are us, to put their best foot forward and make India reach the sky.

As a true Indian, I would wish to bring India fame in the field of astronomy. Our country’s present stand in this field is quite good, but not good enough. We have stars such as Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams who have brought India immense pride and satisfaction in this field. India reached the stars thanks to them. Not only that but also, India has been doing inexpressibly well in the field of space and research. ISRO is India’s true shining star. Under the chairmanship of Radhakrishnan, ISRO has performed spectacularly. And the pride that it brought to our nation cannot be gone unnoticed. Mainly, to highlight, PSLV has carried with it, not only Indian satellites but also other space equipment from countries such as Japan and Russia. Now, it can be positively said that it is not India that has to depend on other nations, but other nations that are depending on India. The pace that we caught up to is really worth nothing. But at the same time, we can to better.

We need to set ourselves a mission. In this particular field of astronomy or space science itself, our country lacks behind in a few areas. We are not spot-on. So far India was unable to send astronauts or scientists into outer space from its ground. We still need to depend on NASA for sending humans into outer space. Why should we do so? Why should we depend on other nations? What is it that they have which we don’t? The time has come! It is time that the tables have turned! We need to buckle up and give all we have to bring India into the limelight. We need to develop ourselves and our nation to do everything which is possible. This should be our mission. It should be within us to make the impossible possible. It is only then that India will be completely developed.

No matter how long it may take to fulfill these dreams, we should follow them and never give up. It is our mission to enlighten our countries name. We need to put it into action. Initially, we may need to go abroad and work at other space centers, but in the end, what matters is how it will all help India. We all need to come together and make India shine. It doesn’t need to be instant. It may be gradual and may take time.

But, in the end, we should all make it count. All the steps and measure that we take, the actions that we take, they all should be worth waiting for. And India will be a developed nation. For it is the best nation that any citizen can ever ask for. And all Indians should bear in mind that “Lofty Dreams are always by the Little Ones!” So even if we are small and overpowered by the rest of the world, it doesn’t matter. We are Indians and for us every challenge is welcomed with open hands!!

vikash kumar Jha
date of birth:- 18/10/1989

c/o shri rajendra jha
Mohna Simra, Madhubani
BIHAR -  847407

Vikash Jha
Richer India

India must be free from poverty. Poverty is the worst form of violence. Poverty has been weakening the country, society, families as well as individual human being. A hungry mam does not know peace, moral values, religion and even humanity. He knows hunger, vacant belly and his hungry family. Countries made from living societies, societies made from living families and families made from individual persons.
Poverty is the mother of problems, which are prevailing in India like high population growth rate, Illiteracy, Child labour, Communal violence, Farmers suicide. Child marriage, Malnourished problem among children, High mortality rate, Migration and many other problems which are related to Social, Economic as well as Geographical aspect.
India lives in village with nearly 69% of Indian population still residing in villages. Their main occupation is Agricultural and linked occupation. Poverty is the main cause of low farm productivity, increasing soil and Water erosion problem, increasing stress on farm land and natural resources.
 Poverty hammered Peoples fundamental rights like Right to equality, Right against exploitation, Right to freedom, Right to food, Right to constitutional remedies and put down the foundation stone of social equality and social justice.
We must think how to tackle poverty so that ensure the dignity and respect of individuals as well as provide necessary condition for the material and moral protection of men.
I will like to fight poverty as an individual, regardless of my position, post, yes it will affect but my determination to fight against poverty is primary. My prime arm against poverty will be spread awareness against farm utility, cheap and efficient farming technique, use of fertilizer like industrial thrust, Organic farming method and fill the gap between researchers and farmers attract youth and technical people into farming.
 Secondly I will give stress on education, but syllabus with morality, determination, spiritual, stress management and technical skill in interested area. Education with these idea surely bring up. As a person, I know these with personal experience. I still remember when my father was not able to brought food at home up to my first 15 year and i had burning desire for study. I passed 10th and 12th  from Government school in Bihar and went to New Delhi in search of job, start earning with 1500/month, self-study continue in night, won ICAR National Talent Search Scholarship, and now a student of famous  Agricultural Engineering college. Education and determination is a great thrust force to remove poverty.
Third I will spread awareness and give finance support to local manufacture material like cloth, toe, Agricultural linked Industries, Horticulture, Floriculture and rural Industries. India lives in villages; we can remove poverty from India when we would have been remove rural poverty.

I like to become an IAS. I will work in rural area. Continuously arrange meeting of Farmers with Agricultural Experts, Scientists, Technical persons so that Innovations and technologies go to       Field. I will start awareness Programme in each Panchyat about new Technologies related to rural industries so that Youth will come in farming. I will send my relatives children at Government schools and Colleges and ensure subjects study with moral values. Adding new technologies whenever is possible.  I will set up solar energy and wind energy stations in rural areas and ensure supply of energy for rural industries at subsidy rate. I will strength the demand supply chain. I will work to strength the structure system. I will regularly visit storage center of Villages and ensure minimum storage losses and Microbiological losses. Importantly built a body that will ensure good price rate for farmers and producers. So that they will find reasonable price for their product.

Hyderabad   /  Andhra pradesh


B.tech IV year

Jawhar nagar, Yousfguda, Hyderabad-500045.

My dream for my Country

I want my country to be free from poverty through which it can achieve 100% literacy. Eradication of poverty of a country depends on the employment opportunities and different schemes which were provided by the government. Our country must have politicians who are clean so that these schemes would reach out to the public without any dilutions.
“Be proud that you are an INDIAN; proudly claim I am an INDIAN”
The above message is from Swami Vivekananda, who is the role model for the youth of India who love India to the core.
Making my dream come true is to minimize the poverty level in the country. By decreasing the poverty, we can make the people’s life happier and it leads to attain literacy. Here, the minimization of poverty matters because, by this it sow’s the seeds for the growth of literacy rate in the country. Hence, we don’t find any illiterate’s in the upcoming future. The different fields that can make the my dream true are by serving the people one should get into fields like Politics, Civil services, and like a Social worker. These are three main services, which will take us closer to the people. Among these three, I think Indian Civil services should be given much priority from our student’s point of view. The INDIAN CIVIL SERVICE serves as the backbone of India and carries great respect and responsibilities. India’s best brains are welcomed for entry into the Indian Civil services as officers. Even though corporate jobs may offer the best of salaries, a majority of student youngsters still crave entry to the prestigious Indian Civil services which is held by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).
I want to get into Civil Service especially into INDIAN POLICE SEVICE (I.P.S). The main reason behind it is tell this world that women can not only feed her children, but also can protect her children against illegal forces. Since, my childhood I’m passionate to become a police officer. I would like to contribute my innovative ideas to this country and I also want to protect the women from harassment's and the attacks that are made on her.

B.Tech(ECE–Final Year)

WE-The People Of India
 INDIA - a land of sagacious saints, a land of brave soldiers, a land of hard working farmers and most importantly a land of the talented and ignited youth. It is said that the soil of India has some magical in it because of which it produces gems.
“Chandan hai is desh ki mati, tapobhumi har gram hai …
Har bala devi ki pratima, bacha bacha raam hai!!!’’
These lines inspire me the most when I think about my country –my India. But as usual when I face the present scenario of my country I feel like ‘what’s happening?’ So many questions, so many problems…Is there anyone to answer them or not? Unfortunately, we are left with only two situations- first is to face these problems and continue cursing the politicians, the bureaucrats, the academicians and everyone related to country; forgetting that even we are a part of this country , or the second thing is to search for some job or university outside India and settle there for rest of your life. In both the cases, the common thing is that the people don’t consider themselves to be an Indian, because if they do they would opt for the third one –that is to bring a change from wherever they are, in whatever condition they are. It doesn’t matter how small that change is, but the thing is that it would lead to a bigger and better India, one day.
Many social, political and economic problems are spreading in our country like venom. Illiteracy, poverty, caste system, child labor, dowry and many others are there from time immemorial and all these are so much entangled that when we try to deal with one, at the same time we have to deal with others too. But what I want to focus on is something different, something if not taken care of then it would soon create the worst scenario of our country. We all are aware of ‘BRAIN-DRAIN”, i.e., a person belongs to India, studied in India but works for some other country for a better and secure future. For example: A talented scientist from India decided to join NASA instead of serving in ISRO or DRDO. That’s still a better case …what about an IITian graduated in electrical, working as a manager in some finance company of Europe or U.S.? For few we can say that they didn’t have interest in their stream so they switch over but when a mass of the India’s most reputed and renowned technical institutions moves to banking and finance sector then it is not just because of interest but because of high package and fascinating life. It’s a result of brain- drain that out of 140,000 graduates passing out of IIT’s, nearly one-third, or 40,000, reside in the United States.  It doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t aspire for growth or better career. It is obvious that being a human being everybody desires to achieve success, but at what cost?? A person starts preparing for the toughest exam known as IIT, right from his VIIIth standard. He leaves all his comforts and joyous moments to crack that single exam, so in a way he spends about 5 years just to be an IITian , then he spends next 4 years in IIT or any other engineering college waiting for his dream job and finally ends up working not as an engineer  but as a manager earning about 40-50 lakhs per annum , far away from his motherland , far away from his dreams which he had dreamt of, 9 years ago.
It should be a prime responsibility of every student to love his country, not necessarily the feeling of patriotism but the feeling which is unconditional, which inspires him to be an honest and responsible citizen-who could sort out different existing problems instead of getting frustrated with them and leave his motherland in the devastating conditions. One might think that a high-tech infrastructure and better opportunities by Indian government would lead to reverse brain drain but all these efforts will be in vain unless the students themselves consider their motherland at higher priority than their comforts. To deal with the problem I have decided to be a motivator, either as an administrator or as a teacher who could guide the fellows or students the right path, who could inspire them, for what they are meant for!! As a small plant can flourish into a fruitful tree, only when it is nurtured into its ‘soil’.  If each one of us takes a responsibility of “AWAKENING INDIA” then we need not to get discourage  by other problems because then we would have a dedicated and talented force who will know how to tackle with them. It’s WE with whom the problem is associated and its WE only who could be a solution!!!   It is a big achievement to have Indian talent all across the globe but when our country needs our support, we must serve her first.  As an Indian, I wish India to be a ‘sone ki chidiya’ once again but to reach that apex we need dedicated and energetic youth who could take initiative and work as a true leader of the nation. To serve our nation, we need not to be extraordinary; our country needs just an ordinary man with an extraordinary desire to become a pillar of strength for his nation. Summing up, I would like to express my feeling for my dear country through these beautiful lines of rashtrakavi Maithilisharan Gupta:
‘Jo bhara nahi hai bhavo se, jisme behati rasdhar nahi…
Weh hridya nahi hai pathar hai ,jisme swadesh ka pyar nahi!!’

RR District,Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Supujitha Reddy Veluru
11th Class.
Address:Plot no:38 , CIEFL colony, East Anandbagh, Hyderabad.

The Nightmare That Ended
Once I had a nightmare .I dreamt about my motherland, a place that should have been a safe haven for people. Instead I saw a war being fought against poverty and corruption. I saw a battlefield filled with living souls waging wars on everything and anything with weapons of hatred, selfishness, greed and apathy.

I then wondered about how it all started .India was a country like any other. But something unfavourable made it different than them. It was a place where the death rate was far more than the birth rate and there was an imbalanced sex ratio. Poverty was flourishing, the health conditions deteriorating , never ending famines and droughts were rampant,  the rich were getting richer and the poor were getting poorer and the middle class were dubiously helpless. People were fighting and they still are. Yet nobody knew why.

Why has our motherland become like this? Who is to be blamed? The current generation or the previous one?. India is blessed with millionaires, geniuses and all sorts of successful and important people. Our infrastructure is developing every second and our scientific achievements are recognized worldwide. We have so much to be proud of and yet what's pushing us backward every time we take a step ahead? What's the resisting force that's making the way ahead look so long and severe? Should we blame ourselves or should we blame the representatives WE chose, or the WHOLE country which we are part of? Should we lose pride we hold in ourselves or in our country? The very aspect of democracy is that each individual is responsible for the society. The fate of our country is our fate. Therefore, it is our responsibility to change it.

India despite the plundering raids started developing a long time before other major countries. We were the first in many aspects such as to have proper roads, drainage systems, and seemly sanitation. We had religion which was deeply rooted with science. We were the only one which had the two biggest enemies of the world living together peacefully. And alas! We were wrecked. Everything, our wealth, happiness, freedom were taken away by others for their own benefits. We lived like prisoners in our own country. And when we got back our freedom, the horror of the reality reappeared. Everything was half destroyed. More than half the country had to be rebuilt, comprehensive laws had to be made and a new country was to be raised from the debris as fast as possible. Mistakes were made, the lucidity was lost but a country was built. A country with many backlogs but nevertheless a free country. And that's how it started, to be precise, in a hurry. And we've been hurrying from that time, craving for development, success and superiority and gaining all of them while losing many other crucial things.

We talk about the ‘nothingness’ whenever something wrong happens in the country, People say that there's no hope for betterment of the nation and that nothing can be done no matter how hard we try.  We fail when we give up and when we become ready to adjust to injustice. Change can happen no matter how long it takes and making it happen is our responsibility. The easy game of blaming others would do us no good except bringing about infighting and various conflicts. Fighting back assures us the change we believed to be impossible, possible.

That's the India I dream about every waking hour, a place where my nightmare wouldn't last. A place where people are truly happy and where hopes and dreams are fulfilled. My dream will live on as there will always be a scope for making our country as beautiful as it is meant to be. I need not be a politician, a government official or any other high ranking officer to make this happen. All I need to be is a good citizen with a comprehensive set of values. And that is something anybody can be.

Thiruvananthapuram / Kerala

DOB: 07/07/1992


Development in Action
 Dream is a beautiful word which we use to make our own aim, future, career, and Nation. All human beings have their own dreams. The dreams begin with their childhood in every species. They make their dreams by their own views, interests, and concepts. A few achieve their dreams. Many great men have written about their dreams on their goal, career, state and country. Examples are M.K. Gandhi’s India of My Dreams and A.P.J.A. Kalama’s Wings of Fire.
Gandhiji's India of My Dreams begins with these lines “Everything in India attracts me. It has everything that a human being with the highest possible aspirations can want.’’ He felt that India is essentially a karmabhoomi (land of deeds) in contradiction to bhogaboomi (land of enjoyment).
My dreams started from my visits to my locality including the slums. I wish to write about big things which are very small for our local political leaders. My view of developments firstly is that my area should be disease free, poverty free and the children must become literate. Then the district, the state and finally the country should achieve these things. All developments should happen from the grassroots level.
 I would like to provide:
* Basic education to all poor people.
* Employment to the educated people.
* Welfare of women including their protection.
* Prevent the pollution and protect our natural resources.
Enhance the basic needs such are listed above before trying for scientific and technological developments. This is my dream on India.
In my locality, civil servants surrender to the demand of politicians. So they can’t do anything to help the poor. People believe politicians and their words on developments. Thus the real poor people are deprived of their rights.
My dream comes true with the following actions. By increasing the facilities in government schools in my locality to give free and good education to the poor. Next step will be providing jobs to all educated people. Then I will take steps towards preventing corruption.
 I hope to get into IAS and get appointed as the collector of Trivandrum; I wish to maintain my district - disease free, beggars free, and poverty free. I would like to increase the facilities of my district hospital. ‘It is the collector who holds an umbrella over a district at the time of an emergency. He is the chief of revenue and thus the custodian of ponds, lakes and such public properties in a district. He is answerable to all activities that happens and not happens in the district.’ these words are my reminders to civil service aspirants.                          
I will be an incorrupt officer, will be with people and won't misuse my powers. WE ALL ARE HUMAN BEINGS; IF WE DIE WE ARE EQUAL TO A DEAD DOG. All of us will die one day; if I can’t serve my society, if I don’t care about it the life is not worth living. I feel, if I can’t realize this specific dream in my life, it is a Sisyphean task and I can’t be called dignified.

Rangareddy district, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh
A.Vishrutha Reddy
Intermediate I year
#504, Hill View Residency, Street no.28, Gautam Nagar, Malkajgiri.
A Change…

 Like how one thing can be compared with another thing, a country perhaps can be compared with another one. But never in case of India. India is such a country that it probably cannot have a match. The rich and varied culture, huge number of festivals and festivities, heartfelt traditions, customs with unbelievably adorable people is what India is meant to be.  “India has always been represented in one of the top positions in various fields, say, history, architecture, culture, resource availability, science, etc. Best of all, India is highly recognized for the people living in it. The respect one gets from an Indian is irreplaceable. Indians are polite, sincere, honest and respectable people. They serve their motherland, protect its dignity and maintain decency.”—This is what should run through the mind of a person who is thinking of India. This is how my motherland is meant to be. This is what I chant for my country should turn into!
But people have changed and situations turned complicated. Today’s India isn’t equivalent to the old one. Trade has set in, foreign culture flowed in and global communications spread over. These made it comfortable, easy and stress-free to lead life. People think it is amazing to lead life with the latest facilities and gadgets. But that is unquestionably false. The modern trends have blocked the minds of people. And the master-minds are taking the greatest advantage of this. On the name and fame of foreign trade, corruption is at a high rise. Nobody can ever go against the companies and big businessmen regarding the hike in prices as they are all private companies. The government can possibly do very less to reduce corruption after enabling globalization. Indians are joining hands and getting corrupt. From retail traders to government employees, everybody is aiming to get richer than what they are. Once again, this urge to get richer is to enjoy modern facilities and power. In this process, it is getting highly advantageous to especially one category of people. And that is the politicians, our leaders. The politicians constitute the entire government and it is pretty simple for them to secure their corrupt property even if it is worth hundreds of crores. This is ruining the lives of the poor, exploiting the middle-class and upper middle-class people. All the money sanctioned for the development of the nation is running into the hands of corrupt politicians and government employees. Similarly, the medical and educational fields are also turning commercial and sometimes corrupt too. This is an extremely bad sign for our motherland.
For not allowing all that to continue, a change in the minds and thinking ways of the citizens is essential. Now that the entire world is inter-connected through various advanced means, it is impossible to ban the discovery and flow of technology. There is requirement of change from the other way round. Corruption needs to come to an end. Every person should work for it. We, the children of ‘Bharat Mata’ have been too innocent to predict the future harm. It has all shown up now. We are the enlightened minds and we could change everything. Let us not support any kind of corruption. A person demanding for illegal wealth should be treated severely by the laws. New laws need to be brought into existence. Anyone supporting corruption should suffer the same fate as well. The corrupt, spotted anywhere must be immediately taken into custody. Not only corruption, but also anyone guilty of any other action in our country should not be given a second chance. Punishment and penalties would bring out fear in people. That is how the people, and then the society, changes into what I dreamt of!

SECUNDERABAD                                  R.R.ARVIND NAWIN
26 January 1997.

Intermediate 1st Year,
Sri Chaitanya Junior College, Hyderabad.
5-9-349/28/1,Shaili Gardenia,Jupally Huda Layout,Yapral,
Secunderabad - 500087


‘INDIA’ – the world’s largest democratic country is always known for its cultural richness. Its culture like its people, is a rich mosaic of myriad elements, was born from its ancient roots. It is indeed a heaven to live in. Though its languages, religions, dance, music, architecture, food and customs differ from place to place within the country, nevertheless it  possesses a commonality. India is a garland, interwined with various colourful elements, starting from Kathak to Bharathanatyam, India gate to Charminar, Lohri to Deepawali, Tandoori Platter to the regional South Indian Thali, Bollywood to Classical Music and many more. This great remarkable, historical land was born to spread the messages of love, non violence, brotherhood and peace. But sad to say these things are changing quiet rapidly. Across the country old certainities are giving way to conflicts and is destroying the country’s harmony. Dreams are a part of everyone’s life. Every citizen has a dream for his country and even I do have one. My dream is to strive hard and get back my country’s ancient rich cultural harmony and I’m sure I’ll achieve it one day by following my mission.

Dreams are sure to be achieved, when we follow them with great sincerity. I am sure I will be able to achieve this dream within the coming years. There are several fields to achieve my dream, whether it be sports, social service, politics, media, entertainment,
literature or anything else, each somehow contributes towards the country’s development and does help in achieving my this dream in a much better way, but I think that the field of ‘Politics,’ would work out better for me. I wish to become the President of India and I hope I’ll surely come out with flying colours and get back my country’s cultural harmony to its ancient form.

 If I were the President of India, I promise that my presidency would help to break the invisible barriers against race and gender, that somehow, in some sense, it is preventing some people in the society. As a lawful and devoted President, one of the most important issues to me would be to provide sufficient funds to every state for the maintenance of our heritage sites. Another issue that I would truly embrace, would be the issue of disappearing dance forms. I would make sure that every state develops its dance form and maintain its cultural harmony. I’d see to that, that no citizen neglects our culture and if any one does, they would be punished severely. An extra important issue in my eyes would be, to take care of the country’s cleanliness. Anyone littering the roads and cities would have to face great and severe consequences from the Government. Last, but certainly not the least, a primary concern of mine would be to prevent the wastage of food and also to promote the campaign ‘ATHITHI DEVO BHAVA’ and make tourists feel at home. I’ll pass on these bills as soon as possible and get back India to its ancient form; moving with the modern culture. Through many of my life experiences, I have learnt that togetherness is a blessing. I would try to bring the states together and bring about peace, destroying every conflict, as a competent President. In reality, this event has not occurred yet. I have not become the subject of attention, but if I become the President, I would bring about such a change that could make a difference and gain back my heritage. To endorse my cause, all I can say is that I care about my country and most of all, I care about the future of the world.

                             “ May India flourish with peace.”             JAI HIND!!!

Alappuzha, Kerala
AGE 25 (01 January 1987)

B. Tech.  Mechanical Engineering: Nehru College of Engineering and Research Centre. (Calicut University



        Poverty can be defined as the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money.  The most important dream of mine about our mother land is to see the country without poverty. According to the planning commission of India, thirty percent of the people lives below the poverty line. Even kids endure from poverty. Intimidating news is that one in three malnourished children worldwide is found In India and 42 percent of the nation's children below five years of age are underweight. This should be considered as a presage.  I want to live in an India where no one starves for food. I strongly believe that every Indian must show the fortitude to work hard to achieve the aim.

To get rid from the pervasive hands of poverty myriad ways are there. Poverty is like an epidemic which is to be wary about. Here I am going to discuss about some ways in which I can contribute. I am dead sure that an individual itself cannot do much. If it was possible then the activities of mother Teresa alone might have wiped out poverty in India. But the action of every individual values a lot. The combined action of government, technologists, politicians and social workers is very necessary to eradicate poverty. For eradicating poverty I want to work as a social worker who works for the welfare of the society.
datavyam iti yad danam
diyate ’nupakarine
dese kale ca patre ca
tad danam sattvikam smrtam
This means -Charity given out of duty, without expectation of return, at the proper time and place, and to a worthy person is considered to be in the mode of goodness. In continuum with working as an engineer, I am planning to start a missionary small scale industrial organization. Some altruistic minded people whom I know personally will be made to work in the management side of the organization. Then I will employee some workers who are unemployed and also from the bottom section of the society. Adequate training will be given for them to make them skilled labors. To be more vivid people without formal education and all will be made to undergo some training, so that they can also earn for their daily bread.  Employment can reduce poverty to a great extent. The profit of the organization will be divided between the workers and rest will be spent for the welfare of orphans and rest for the weaker session of the society. Also profit will be used to sponsor some good students of poor background. This will surely ameliorate the living standards of the people. Once the industry is well established it will be transformed to a co operative body similar to amul an Indian dairy cooperative, based at Anand in the state of Gujarat . Moreover I will publish some inspirational and motivating books by combining the information’s from our epics and holy books. The amount received from this kind of activities will also be used for the charity work. I know only this activity cannot cure poverty. But I am trying to do some from my side. Rome was not built in a day. Similarly activities with long vision can do a lot. By doing this kind of activities along with activities from government side can eradicate poverty to a great extent.




India is a strong, democratic country and we Indians are its proud citizens. But problem like corruption today is making our country week. Corruption in India is a consequence of the nexus between Bureaucracy, politics and criminals. India is now no longer considered a soft state. It has now become a consideration state where everything can be had for a consideration. Today, the number of ministers with an honest image can be counted on fingers. At one time, bribe was paid for getting wrong things done but now bribe is paid for getting right things done at right time.

Foolproof laws should be made so that there is no room for discretion for politicians and bureaucrats. The role of the politician should be minimized. Application of the evolved policies should be left in the hands of independent commission or authority in each area of public interest. Decision of the commission or authority should be challengeable only in the courts. Funding of elections is at the core of political corruption. Electoral reforms are crucial in this regard. Several reforms like: State funding of election expenses for candidates; strict enforcement of statutory requirements like holding in-party elections, making political parties get their accounts audited regularly and filing income-tax returns; denying persons with criminal records a chance to contest elections, should be brought in.

As an individual it’s our responsibility to always do the right thing in a right manner i.e., we should not be corrupt ourselves and never should close our eyes if we see corruption. It’s our duty to stand against the wrong and raise our voice against corruption. When we are right within ourselves then only we can change the world. We have tolerated corruption for so long. The time has now come to root it out from its roots.

 S Harikrishnan
MA Developmental Studies, TISS


 The Shining India and Impediment of Deprivation

 As India celebrates its sixty fifth independence day this year, one has to, indeed, bask in the glory of being a part of the young dynamic diverse culture that is India. We have come a long way, from being the seventeenth century “Hindustan”, a land obscured of its untold riches and indispensible charm, with a power so immense to entice, out of reach—out of sight, had lured the Portuguese and Dutch to its, what was considered as unconquerable shores. We now boast of the world’s largest functioning democracy, the largest youth population, increasing presence among the world’s richest people and enterprises, leading global power and more.

But my contention here is with that image of India that we turn our faces away from – that child on the street from whom we look away, as he stands arms stretched with a disabled malnourished brother on her shoulder; that woman in her shanty in a slum, waiting for her 12 year old daughter to beg and get back money for food, and that husband of hers, who is an alcoholic and unemployed. My dream is that of a nation without such absolute deprivation. Deprivation is the lack of or denial of something very basic and necessary for survival.

What makes this dream of mine challenging, is the very reason that it is so necessary, and that every Indian would agree with its importance, but secretly skepticize its practicality. The mission needs to be the careful education and sensitization of the society in general, to change the way they perceive the social evils. It does not mean that every citizen pick up extreme activism and flood streets. What it does mean, however, is to emphasize the necessity for people to understand the issues of fellow citizens, even while wearing the facade of the ever-glowing global Indian face. I happened to visit a slum in Mumbai, with the lowest human development indicators in the country. The experience was as shocking as horrifying, while it threw open the realities of the very same poverty, unemployment, health and hygiene issues that innumerable class discussions failed to achieve. I dream of an India where no one is deprived of the basic necessities of survival.

This sensitization must start at educational institutes and the very youth population that India boasts of, need to be the torch-bearers of this change. At present, the problem lies in the fact that a majority population lives in oblivion, unaware and uninterested in the lives of their fellow citizens. If this can be changed, if the youth can be united in tearing apart the shackles that hold back the nation, then there can be a brighter future that of a nation of healthy and happy people and the true nationalist feeling of unity in diversity can prosper.

Suma Patil

12th pass from BIE,
G. Narayanamma Institute of Science and Technology.

Om Nivas,
opp to st .xaviers school     serilingampally,hyderabad

Diversity as Strength

India, a country of varied cultures, traditions, languages & religions is referred to be one of the good examples to depict the notion of “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”. As a fair coin has two sides, there has been a considerable progress, but the overall picture of life in the country is depressing. With the increasing prices of common commodities and growing unemployment, common man is left poor. Though education has spread, its standard and quality have received a setback. Even the political scene is not very encouraging and the working of democracy is not satisfactory. Our leaders lack the qualities of idealism, integrity and self - sacrifice, which were abundantly in evidence during the days of the struggle for freedom. In this tough situation, it is natural for the youth of the country to turn to the India of its dreams. It is a mistake to suppose that dreams and visions are always a waste of time - a way of escaping from hard realities but according to me “a dream often inspires the dreamer to work and strive so that it may come true”.
In the India of my dreams, everybody is healthy-wealthy-wise with ethical and moral values. My India is the torch bearer for all other countries marked on the globe in order to guide them by showering its rich and varied culture. The wide gap between the rich and the poor that exists today has largely disappeared. People have freedom of thought and expression. My ideal India is industrialized and modernized and is free from the capture of corruption. At the same time India has not discarded its ancient traditions, moral ethics and distinctive culture. Education is wide - spread, and there is practically no illiteracy. People have shed superstitions, outworn ideas and customs. India is militarily strong, it believes in non - violence, and strives to spread the message of “peace and brotherhood of man” in the world.

The time has come to gear up and work hard in all directions for all-round development of the country and take action in their respective   positions from peon to president, labors to landlords from electors to electoral people and also from rule makers to rule followers .It’s the need of the hour to give a healthy environment for the budding young generation in order to serve the nation and to take the responsibility on their shoulders to build a reliable -knowledgeable country.

I will design and implement a system to educate, train and to work with ethical and moral values for the political leaders who always have an upper hand. I will grow myself to such a height of above all and motivate and develop  myself so that ,parallel   it would help in the  country’s development .I  will put my efforts to make my country people  to think and act.
JAI Hind!!!!!!

 Varsha Babu 
XIIth std
Kerala School


Everyone  Could Earn Minimum in INDIA – my Dream

      For our satisfaction we can say that India is a democratic country, but actually it’s not developed. In India more than 60% of people are very poor, who are not getting education, health care, and other basic amenities   for a good living.

     People, who are well developed, are mostly from government side.   They are becoming richer and richer, day by day, by means of social evils, such as corruption. These people just think of their needs and can fulfill through any means, which might be a crime for poor ones, but for high society it’s just a business deal. ((((= AVOID NEGATIVE STATEMENTS= )))) COULD CHANGE THIS AS, in 20th century, people who were born great like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, were those who were having humanity in their hearts. They wanted to rise and shine like a sun in their life, but also wanted to raise the nation with them. At that time people were having respect towards others more than self respect and they dreamt of growth untidily. They were having a living heart and fight for their rights together.((((==SHIFTED DOWN))))
According to me, today’s world is totally different as I mentioned above. All are having their own means. Today’s people are very much selfish and are having no soft corner for poor. High society people are getting reverence from everyone, but what about the poor ones? Nobody is observing or caring them, who will take their responsibility? At that time nobody will arise to give a hand. They are treated like wastes, or a non living thing.
Every day we can see people, lying road sides, begging, trying to run their families by entertaining people, cleaning the windows of the cars at traffic lights. They are doing such practices to fulfill their empty tummies. This is the real face of India, which is transparent to the govt. then also they are sitting idle. Poor people are not having any knowledge about life; they are following the tradition of their forefathers. They don’t have a world beyond that, just compactly arranging themselves in that world. Besides living they are getting died from inside. Not only the parents are doing but their children are also involved in such practices and at last they will become criminals for their survival. Also the children are suffering from malnutrition and then end up with life threatening diseases. These children don’t have a spark of learning and for a better life in their eyes.
In 20th century, people who were born great like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, were those who were having humanity in their hearts. They wanted to rise and shine like a sun in their life, but also wanted to raise the nation with them. At that time people were having respect towards others more than self respect and they dreamt of growth untidily. They were having a living heart and fight for their rights together. These days we lack people of this stature. I dream a world where all grow together and the nation to strive upward.
I always dreamt about India, were all the citizens should have equal rights, free of corruption, no difference between rich or poor, govt. should take major steps to up bring these people and improving their lives through education and other ways. People who are well educated like doctors; teachers should also help such people by giving their knowledge.
Education plays a very important role in improving our nation. Govt. should first look at that sector. People should be given counseling, how to live life simply, humanity, safety, contributing in the development program and keeping the country clean. In India cleanliness is next to godliness. So, this should be maintained outside our houses also.

So love our nation, and try to make it loved.       

 Kinsky Joshi
CSE (2010-2014)
Aurora’s Engineering College


Technical  INDIA

India belongs to that list of countries which are known as developing countries. In the word of James “youth is the joy, the little bird that has broken out of the eggs and is eagerly waiting to spread out its wings in the open sky of free and hope.” Is it a dream? No, their dreams take them to stars and galaxies to the far corners of the unknown and some of them like our own Kalpana Chawla pursue their dream, till they realize it and die for it in process.

Youth is the spring of Life. It is the age of discovery and dreams. Today India is of largest youth population in the world. Developed Countries of the world are eyeing India as a source of technical manpower. Indian youth has the power to make our country from developing nation to a developed nation.

The youth hopes for a world free of poverty, unemployment, inequality and exploitation of man by man. A world free of discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, language and gender. A world full of creative challenges and opportunities to conquer them. But let us convert these hopes in reality.
The role of youth is of most importance in today’s time. It has underplayed itself in field of politics. It should become aspiring entrepreneur rather than mere workers. It can play a vital role in elimination of terrorism. Young participation is important because youth are the country’s power. Youth recognize problems and can solve them. Youth are strong forces in social movements. They educate children about their rights. They help other young people attain a higher level of Intellectual ability and to become qualified adults.

Unfortunately no one is bothered to dream any s vision. Martin Luther has said, "I have a Dream" and the dream come largely true. If he had not thought of that dream he would have accomplished nothing in his life. Another problem is its indifferent attitude towards things, situation and politics .The new cool formula of “let the things be “is proving fatal to India’s development .Lack of unity and spirit is the major setback . It’s time The youth, the students have to realize their power, their role, their duties and their responsibility and stand up for their rights. Now it’s time that instead of brain drain we should act like magnets and attract world to India.

cse4B / AEC-Bhongir

Corruption Free
India is a country in south Asia. It is seventh largest country by area, the second most populous country with 1.2 Billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world. India became an independent nation in 1947 after a struggle for independence that was marked by non-violent resistance led by Mahatma Gandhi. It’s been 20 years since I came on to this earth, I grew ,played, educated under the guidance of my parents and today I am  one among  youth   of India, I dream my country to be powerful, emerging nation. My dream to see my nation where woman are respected, no racial discrimination, education with no reservation. I remind words of former president.

 “Dream is not what you see in sleep, it is thing which doesn’t let you sleep.”-A.P.J Abdul Kalam
A Dream often inspires the dreamer to work and strive so that it may come true. The real power of my country is undermined by politicians’. The main factor which is widely spread all over India and causing great harm is Corruption.

I Dream my mother land to be corruption free. This is only possible when our system become strict and our legislatures make strict laws for those who violate rules .One should not encourage lobbyist in committing any sort of bribe, if so found should be punished severely. I feel that there are few major loop holes in our Administrative system. I have best example the accused behind Bhopal gas tragedy, was a gas leak incident in India, and considered one of the world’s worst industrial catastrophes. The incident killed thousands’ of people and made lakhs of people homeless .The case regarding is still pending. An eighth former employee was also   convicted but died before judgment .I think even god might have hanged him for his criminal act or negligence but still our law is delaying to verdict. It’s been 64 years since we got independence. People say India is a developing nation .If we are really developing we would have been advanced in every field compared to other nations. Still I call India as a developing country .Because It is only in India were economic growth rate is fastest in the world.
As a citizen of Indian .Firstly I will be honest, I won’t bribe anyone or give any chance to do that with media won’t encourage any lobbyists .I’ll try to educate people about the defects. I believe students are the real architects of our nation. As a student I’ll serve my nation by clearing the loop holes which I mentioned earlier. To do that I need to enter into government service with a goal of uplifting my nation. Before taking up the job I seriously make commitment on dos’ and don’ts and strictly follow them.

 Ch .Jeevan
EEE (2010-2014)
Aurora’s Engineering College


With our rich and powerful cultural tradition, our huge reservoir of trained man power, our considerable natural resources and our growing defence capabilities, we have the potential to make a major contribution to the emerging global society, so as to ensure a stable, multi-polar world in the years to come. In the years to come, if our heads and hearts remain at their proper place, and we could take care of our social sectors with much more care and concern than what we have done in the past, there is every likelihood of India withstanding any challenge that time might throw up. In the years to come, if our heads and hearts remain at their proper place, and we could take care of our social sectors with much more care and concern than what we have done in the past, there is every likelihood of India withstanding any challenge that time might throw up. In fact, India’s economic growth rate is second highest in the world-next only to China. The developed world has been left behind. The two Asian giants-India and China have today turned the leaders of growth of the global economy. At international meetings and conferences, India is given a pride-of-place. The developing countries look to India for guidance and help. Its Army, Navy and Air Force are always ready to meet any challenge. The world is now looking at India with a renewed respect-as it is an emerging power in the world.

If employment generation is the best weapon against poverty, then industrialization is the most effective means to create new job opportunities. In the past 60 years, many parts of our country have benefited from industrial development. In the next decade I want to see every region of the country to benefit from the growth of modern industry. There is no developed country today anywhere in the world, that is not an industrial economy. Industrialization is critical for progress. Industrialization offers new opportunities and hope, especially for people in rural areas displaced by agrarian change. Industrialization would also mean urbanization. As more and more people live in urban areas, we need to have a more creative process of urbanization. This requires greater foresight in urban planning and development. Adequate compensation must be paid to those displaced and urban space must be used in an economical manner. We need to have adequate drainage facilities so that life in our cities does not come to a standstill during heavy rains. The day is not far off when half a billion people will be living in our cities and we need to prepare for that day.

Towards this we have to educate the people and providing skills to them to realize their potential. If we properly utilize the vastly available human resources that will be the biggest asset we can invest. Towards this we have to establish skill providing centres and we have to give importance to vocational education .policies must be made to achieve this. Some organizations are already on the way. It is also important to have good relations between educational institutions, research institution and industry. We are one of youngest nations in the world and according to observers; India has the potential to create over 500 million trained people by the year 2020. That would be over a fourth of the global workforce; This big and unique opportunity for India will come from an education revolution that we must undertake as our most important national endeavor. So I want to establish a software industry in rural areas and by providing proper training to the rural people I want to make them part of new economy.

 Ashwini Ashok More

cse 3 (a)
aurora's engg


Clean and green India

Owing to the great season of monsoon...

                 Whenever i look around i find a green India with all its fields full of fodder and grain all natural nutrients for us growing in the soil calling us to enrich ourselves for a healthy future of tomorrow.

                 Sad but true we even find all useless dumps be it plastic bags or plastic kits of seeds and fertilizers in and around those fields. Its throbbing to find such dump in the places of our nourishment that tend to decrease the life span of human, animals and also the soil in which its grown.

               Mi vision of is of a “clean and actual green India”. This particular phrase has a deep constraint in it. It actually refers to the basic greenery desired and necessary for our survival. Green here doesn’t mean only physical greenery with all plants and shrubs around. It actually refers to the prosperous land that helps us to sustain in a better way but it in fact tend to divert our attention to our well being. If our surrounding is clean it’s obvious that we live longer and healthy. This is a not at all a serious or difficult issue when seen by the practicality of maintain it.

                The mission of “clean and actual green India” can be accomplished by technically improving the disposal of toxic material and avoiding its further use. REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE is the best agenda to be followed in the mission. Be it anything right from the usage of tooth brush to aero plane everything that we use must be utilized in best possible way.

               Self-esteem of using biodegradable thing with natural polymerizing technological issues and personal association and regards in following safe practices to endure the interests of the fellow beings.

   The green colour of our national flag symbolizes the richness our land, the basic and evitable occupation of motherland “agriculture”. Let’s keep up its essence alive in true sense.

EEE (2009-2013)

INDIA, It is the one of the country in the five continents. We are proud to be born in this country, because many kinds of Nobel persons were sacrifices their lives for this country to protect the culture of our India, like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose , Bagath Singh, Alluri Sitarama Raju so many people were sacrifices themselves to this country 
CULTURE:- There are several kinds of people living in India united, due to which other countries respect us. Several combination of casts, traditional, and cultural was attracted by the others countries, so many people were became soldiers to protected the country from enemies. Peacefulness and green lands and unity in people, these 3 things represented by the 3 colors of our national flag, which is made by Pingali Venkayya.  But today our culture gradually decreased due to unknown history of traditional ,and interested in other society culture, and services to other countries. Everybody must be feeling wants to know about our country culture and tradition. We have tried to explain about these things to unknown peoples. The youth was worked as weapon to this main process. The villages are appeared beautiful in the states .there was several kinds of ancient places. The tourists are showing much preference to know about Indian traditional cultures. 
India have the most beautiful  rivers and seas ,and  they become divided into several descriptions like lakes and that water helped to the agricultural  fields ,the rivers are born from the Himalayas, which greatest mountains in INDIA. 
Many forests, animals, birds, largest trees these are our national priority things. the modern technology is also used to know about oldest organizing effects in future also , the technology was mostly used in now a days and it will helped to us .it will developed day by day  .
MODERN LIFE:-But in these days youth also does not have the responsible to our country because they don't know, Difference between the richest and poorest method is increase it was applicable for our politicians  it will be clearly appeared in the our country ,so our society must be  takes action soon on this ,remaining countries are better during this.
1. There is no union between politicians, leaders IN SOCIETY; People are suffering economically about this since from years.
2. The graduated people were lived in other countries, during in this economically developed their industrial levels and improved their country level, it will be effected on our country
 3. Then the effect acts on the poor people and agricultural people by the government demands.
4. During this process our classical culture also will become damaged, and over technology is also will be creates the problems, due to the most using of them.
5. Pollution also takes place in this process, due to more technology, the poison chemicals of effects acts on people and on the atmosphere also.
 6.The difference of poor and richest and middle class families are not changed , during this  people were suffering with many problems  

1. We sincerely respected to the our food makers (farmers),because the 50% of our culture appears as in agriculturally
2.Don’t use the un wanted things mostly, because it will creates the pollution ,don’t use the chemicals mostly on agricultural fields, some time it will worked as a poisons ,
3. The society must be recognized the graduated people, who was not have jobs, because the poorest people will be reduced due to allotted works to them.
4. Graduated people will clearly understand that our country situation in comparison of foreign countries, and tried to improve the country level and developed the good relation between our country to other states.
 5. Government also allotted special rules to reduce the poorest families .and citizens are followed the rules and regulations, which are allotted by the government demands.
 6. Youth should be take the responsible and don't neglected discipline.
 7. People questioned themselves, how much response we have in society now in these days, Increase our classical culture and traditional levels and protect the ancient places. And Finally tried to spread our country history level on worldwide, JAI HINDH.   

Aurora’s Engineering college

What India is going to be?

 India is considered to be having one of the oldest civilizations. India was ruled for over 200 years by British and obtained its freedom in 1947 after a great struggle by our freedom fighters. Our ancestors may have dreamt of a country which would become a developed country only in few years after its independence. During the freedom struggle, our freedom fighters may have thought after getting freedom there will be no discrimination. But there dream looks so far away. My dream is to see India as a powerful country which could teach the world how to live and how to let live. India is a country with many ethical values in it. India also known as Bharat, which means a country which worships light, which has plenty of knowledge within herself. My dream is to see people of India retain their own identity, knowledge and not to follow others identity. People of India should become a role model to the whole world

     India is a treasure of knowledge; it just needs a leadership which can find the treasure. India should improve itself in politics. Only a good politician can change this country’s situation. A good leadership can lead a country in any field. Any field in our country whether it is development in scientific region, agricultural field, industrial field only a good leadership in the politics can change the country. India has fame in corruption. Corruption can to an end in only one month if our prime minister thinks about it just once. Even major issues like pollution can be solved by the government. If an individual struggles for 10 years to bring a change in a corrupted government office. If this initiation is taken by government it takes just few weeks to remove corruption from that office.
I as a citizen of India want to bring a little bit difference. This is the most difficult part because talking about others is easy, but when it comes to our self it becomes more complicated. But I will never be quite if there will be any action that makes this country degrade its moral values in front of my eyes. I should at least bring some awareness among people. It is my duty to save my mother who feeds me with bearing the digging pain in her heart .I will try my level best to bring awareness among people about the illegal things happening in this country and how to stop it from happening. I will teach every mother and ask her to teach the importance of country and to save this country to her children, because only mothers can give us great leaders in future.

EEE (2009-2013)
  H.NO:2-2-993,beside:gouda sangam,burujugally,amberpet,hyderabad,5000013

NON- STOP Action

If there is any land on this earth that can lay claim to be blessed PUNYA BHUMI: the land where humanity has attained its highest towards gentleness, towards generosity, towards purity I don’t find the in the whole world another country, which has done quite so much for the improvement of human mind, the aim of the purchase is to impress on the minds of masses the teachings of Vedas and to generate in them devotion to god, through chronicle of great historical events.
When I look back upon the history of country, there is rhythm, a pattern and discipline in the whole universe. Women even visualized Vedic mantry and noble teacher in India. India has given to World the earliest scientific physicians; she has even contributed to modern medical science by discovery of various chemicals and by teaching your how to reform misshappen ears and noses. Even more it has done in mathematics for Algebra, Geometry, Astronomy and the triumphs of modern science. Mixed mathematics was all inverted India. Just so much as the ten numerals, the very comersion of all present civilization were discovering in India. And are in reality, Sanskrit words.
Ancients Indians know that, their seers had wonderful knowledge of time. Where knowledge of ancient India, not only considers, physical aspect of but also takes into account physical, evolution, mental and spiritual dimensions of evolution. Let us hope our rulers protect this unique heritage monument, which represents the Indian ethos, Indian knowledge, Indian talent, Indian faith, and Indian culture.

In philogy, our Sanskrit language is now universally acknowledged to be foundation of European language. Ayurveda is a living element of buryat life, they term it national medicine. The wealth of the people had become fable, ever in most ancient history (many foreign invades), rushed to become wealthy in India and conquered the country. In music, India gave to the world our system of note down with the seven cardinal notes and the diatonic scale.
Even the fine arts of India were studied systematical and the science of art had been developed in India, Hence we call knowledge about dance as natyasastras, the knowledge about sculpture is called shilpa sastra. The India music enhances the satwik quality of the listener, whereas the western music enhances, the rajyasik quality of the listener, this fact was proved through certain experiments.
Many Indians go to other countries, so rapid shall India develop. Like the gentle morning due, our Indian scientist are creating wonders in science and technology and are contributing for the world progress.in literature, our epics and our poems and dramas rank as high as those of any language.

But one vision we will see clear as life before us that the ancient mother has awakened once more, sitting on has throne, rejuented, more glorious than ever proclaim hue to the entire world the voice of peace and benediction. India stands today as a country of largest cultivable. Yet we find that nation never stood for power, never went out of the country, to conque.by the transmitted to foreign countries, where they were further refried and developed, The independent intellectual expression of human being requires certain guiding principle from time to time .to make him follow the law of nature human losses the rhythm of life, if he violates dharma India could not achieve medals in sports after independence, it is not because of lack of talent in india.it is because of not recognizing the genuine, talent and due to lack of encouragement.
India is the land of religion, cradle of human race, birth place of human, speech, grandmother of legend, great mother of tradition, in agriculturally also, finally says that 

MAHABOOBNAGAR,                                           K. PRADEEP REDDY




Poverty-less INDIA

I dream of my country, INDIA, becoming a poverty eradicated state; where the people of the country will no longer suffer for food and their child no longer affected by the malnourishment. I want my country developing economically by the combined effort of all sections (Rich & Poor) of the society by realizing their role in the development of the country. I feel that the need of the hour for our country is to get its entire people educated and employed to enhance their lives.  My greatest ambition in life is to deeply involve in leading my country in the path of inclusive growth and poverty eradication by enhancing the employability skills of the country’s youth and to make myself to a position where I can strictly maintain the equal rights of people.
        My dreams can be fulfilled by working very hard with administration and legislation.  The transition of people to citizens and huge unemployed youth to employ will change the fate of our country. All the legislators and administrators should work hard and honestly to implement all policies of the government in more civilized way. I strongly feel that providing adequate education to
the entire woman in the society and making it compulsory will somewhat provide better results in eradicating the poverty. All the people should be realized the importance of doing their role in a better way in the present scenario of increasing interdependence. People have to made to cooperate themselves by the help of the government by working in more empathized way. Government should invest more on infrastructure in rural areas by taking great inspiration from the former President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s initiative PURA (Providing Urban amenities in Rural Areas). Though this initiative is being implemented by Rural Development department under the inspired and transparent leadership of Mr. Jairam Ramesh, Rural Development Minister of India, the implementation of the initiative should be very strict in order to provide access to all the rural areas.
        I will act with great zeal for my country for giving me the birth in her lap. I chose to work and fulfill my dreams by becoming part of Indian Civil Services. I could learn the importance of Civil Services in changing the Society by the constitutionally provided powers. I ensure all the people of the country to be accessed to their basic rights and I will make the society empowered enough to chose their leader by strict administration practices or from whatever position I live in. In my perception educational loans and crop loans should be bailed out for good reasons by strictly restricting loans to the lazy people instead of providing frequent bail outs to the loss making Air India and Kingfisher Airlines though they are essential by considering the fact that Poor should not made Poorer. 
        I sincerely follow what all I mentioned above by working very hard. I will work, work and work to develop my country. Sincerely, thanking all the people who taught me to live like a citizen of India.
                                       Jai Hind!!


IT (2009-2014)


Improve LITERACY for progress

 India is a developing country. In spite of its rich and varied heritage and resources it is still under the list of developing countries. The main reason for this is inequalities, low literacy rate, huge population, misuse of natural resources and so on... But, above all, many Indians are negligent, irresponsible, unaware, uneducated. They knowingly or unknowingly are the causes for great impacts on our nation.

In my view, India in future should be a place that is developed in all aspects and at the same time, stuck to its rules. There should not be anyone without basic necessities. There should not be anyone uneducated. Every citizen should have per capita income above an average level. There should not be any malpractice.   India should be perfect, right from waste management to nation's administration.

My future India should be without poverty, without inequality and the one with 100% literacy rate. That doesn’t mean having degrees. People should be able to understand what is going on in the country and what their duty is. They need to be responsible and must perform their duties correctly.
I opine, the first aspect in which India has to improve is, its literacy rate. Because, for India to develop, people in India must enhance their thinking. They need to be in a position to distinguish between good and bad. They need to have broad views on things, like; they can’t just sell their votes for a day's bread. They need to know how their deeds affect nation. Coming to officials, they misuse their powers for their personal benefits. They use money allotted for major projects, disaster relief funds and people knowingly neglect it. First of all, public must take initiatives on such cases and slowly reduce and one day, stop all these mal practices.  All the Indians should be responsible. Responsible for their duties, their deeds and also their impacts on the nation.

To achieve this, people should go to interiors and educate people there. Tribals need to be told how to make good use of natural resources as it gives good, positive results to our economy. Children should be educated well.  They need to be taught to be responsible and hence they will be out of negligence.

And thus, tomorrow's citizen makes my dreams about developed India come true...

Yogesh W Rajan



     India is the country with rich heritage. Indians are greatly knowledge about the   Karma from thousands of years ago as compared to other countries. Therefore Indians never invade or occupy any countries in the world in the history of thousand years. We are given Four Vedas to the world. The Indian peoples are greatly involved in their works without doing any harmful to the other countries or to the world people till now. Such a nice country we are living today. But today the corruption is the major problem here.

       We should washout this corruption from our country. It is spreading like virus very furiously. It now reached almost all the Governmental Institutions. The Government can't able to take steps because it is greatly involved in it. The people should clean up the worst corruption and make our Bharat Mata happy. Every Indian should take part in this second Freedom Fight. It is our duty and demand to our next generation.

        The Law should be very severe for the persons involved in corruption. The students should be taught about the cruelty behind in buying the black money. The people must be given power to send the M.P, M.L.A, Ward Counselors and all the higher authorities to home if they are involved in any corruption cases. The election should be held one more time as bye-election in their respective areas. The Court should give the quick result about the corruption cases. Thus the person involved in corruption cannot escape. Otherwise using their power they will destroy the evidences. This is possible if the hands of youths come to fight against corruption. They must take part in this second world war.
                                "Be Quick, Be Serious, Be Loyal"
                                         "JAI HIND"

Pranav Kumar
Mechanical (2011-2014)

Threats to Indian environment

India has completed 65 years of independence. In these 65 years we have seen a great change in India both positive and negative. On the positive side, India is the tenth industrialized nations in the world. It has made very good growth on educational front. Agricultural production is seen as one of India’s strong point in last few decades. Globalization of economy and India’s forays into software market it has become power. However on the negative side environmental situation in India continues to be extremely grim. Forest depletion has been rapid loss of soil degradation is major cause , urban structure is crumbling under pressure, water scarcity is actual in large , number of areas , most of the rivers , lakes , and  ponds have become seriously polluted . Air quality is very bad in most cities. According to some estimates population pressure, industrialization and consequence depletion of natural resources and environmental degradation is causing 7-10% loss of natural income. Human activities like industrialization, urbanization and use of agrochemicals has several affect the quality of life in India with millions of people directly or indirectly suffering due to environmental degradation.

The massive efforts have been made in India in the last few decades to develop renewable and non conventional sources of energy like solar wind and hydropower. The pollution of our environment has put common man at great risk water borne diseases in India are rapid causing not only death/diseases. But also huge economic losses which are not even properly accounted. India also have wind energy to produce electricity and large dams are created across rivers for production of electricity by hydropower it is considered as one of  the cleanest form of energy as no pollution is caused by the generation of hydroelectricity energy especially electricity is key to both India’s economic development and its environmental protection efforts. Nuclear power is considered to be one of cleanest form of energy. A nuclear power plant looks one of the cleanest places with no    emission but it is most harmful form of energy with very serious subtle effects on all kinds of life. As soil is made up of biotic and abiotic components, it is a mixture of organic matter, minerals and some organisms the formation of soil is a slow process because it is the result of physical chemical and biological processes. Human activities mostly agriculture and deforestation destroy soil structure and fertility inappropriate irrigation practices, loss of vegetation, application of fertilizers pollution from pesticides and crop mismanagement. Then to air pollution caused by usage of fossil fuels. Atmosphere is   a layer consisting of a few gases surrounding the planet earth. The atmosphere protects the earth from abrupt temperature fluctuations and the power full ultra radiation coming from the sun .and usage of fossil fuels leads to incomplete combustion of fossil fuels and release of    gases like carbon monoxides, carbon dioxide, chloro floro carbons, sulphur dioxides which leads to acid rains and global warming.

The birth rate should be reduced.
The advantages of small families are encouraged. 
The emission rates should be restricted to permissible level by each and every industry.
Air pollution control equipment in the design should be made mandatory.
Chemical treatment is given to factory wastes to reduce pollution.
Running water pipes should be equipped with a tap and situate that there should not be any leakage thought its supply.
More sewage water treatment plants should be installed in cities and industrial belts.
Trees have to be planted on barren slopes to control soil erosion.
Shifting cultivation leads to deforestation and it should be stopped.
Maintaining soil productivity is vital and essential for sustainable agriculture.
Instead of carbon as fuel hydrogen should be used which does not harm atmosphere? 

Deep Jyoti


The moment a newly born baby opens his eyes in the world, he becomes someone’s son, someone’s grandson, someone’s brother and so on. In just one second he finds himself assigned with many beautiful roles in the play called “life”. But the most important and righteous role is the role of a stalwart citizen; but the peculiar thing is that it takes years for one to realize this very important role of life.  Destiny of any nation depends on the allegiance of its citizens, especially the youth. If the youths of a country are considerate for the nation then the stride is inevitable. On the contrary, if the youths are reluctant to stretch their “self concerned” domain of life, the nation degrades. The best example that can be given in this respect is that of the great “Indian National Movement”. This gigantic scaled movement elucidates the synergy that emanated when citizens throughout the country, collectively, threw the audacious British rule out of our country. It was their love for the country and for the dream of “free India” that prodded them all through their way. Had our freedom fighters been reluctant towards their duty for the nation, it would have not been possible for us to breathe the “independent” air.

Today, after 65 years of independence, is our country the same as dreamt by our national heroes? In fact, it would not be wrong to say that even today, our country is not independent. It’s true that we breathe the “independent air”  but this “once” pure air is now adulterated with the pollutants of ‘corruption’, ‘money laundering’, ‘bribery’, ‘terrorism’ and many more. No doubt Gandhiji would have dreamt of a free democratic India, but would that dream have included these ‘pollutants’? The freedom fighters of our country stood by their duty perfectly and freed their country from slavery. Now, it’s high time that we should also prove ourselves as responsible citizens by freeing our nation from the aforementioned exploiters of present India. If we remain oblivious of our responsibilities these termites will never let our country to become a developed nation.

Our country is a hub of talents in every field, be it science, engineering, medical or sports. Everywhere Indians have embodied their excellence. The youth of our country shoulders the huge responsibility to make our country a developed nation. Today everyone wants to be successful in their life. The youth must ensure that in their lexicon, the word “success” should mean to make thriving endeavors to make our nation better. Whatever aim one makes in one’s life, it should be such that our nation gets benefitted. If the aim is to become a political leader, then one must promise to oneself that he/she will honestly serve the country. If someone wishes to be a civil servant, then the services must be corruption free. Whatever be the aim, the will to serve should be common among all. Only then the mission “DEVELOPED INDIA” can be accomplished.

 Chandrika Madaram


Heaven on Earth

 My dream about INDIA is a heaven where everyone would wish to live
The mission is to make this country a better place to live in, a place where my rights can be used to their full potential, Were basic needs of people are fulfilled.
I don't dream for a developed concrete country, what is more important is the development of its people.
We all wish for a better life but end up adjusting to what situations accustom instead of trying to make a difference. We must bring a change.
I have no hidden agenda; I'm fighting for my future. Losing the future is not like losing an election or points in a stock market; it is about the effect on generations to come.
I have got the privilege to eat a regular meal, go to school and study but I think about the lakhs of people who are deprived of these basic amenities.
I was fortunate enough to see agricultural lands and to play in farms but I wonder if my children will get to see all this or will they be in a concrete world?
All these things are happening right in front of our eyes but we behave as if we have all the time and all the solutions.
Now, I don’t claim to have all the solutions, but if we don’t know how to fix it, we shouldn't deteriorate it.
No big promises or sacrifices can be made; I am a regular citizen of this country. But I need to contribute that which I can as a part of my daily life. Every day I need to promise myself I will not break any rules. I will follow my duties as a citizen and at least for a minute I will stop and think about what is going on around me because my duty as an Indian doesn’t end by just following the rules. All this is possible if our children are given proper basic moral/social education. We need not learn rocket science to understand the rules and follow them. If every educated citizen can take up the responsibility to educate an illiterate citizen we can ensure our future is safe. Educate people so that they know their rights as well as their duties and lead a better-informed life.
We live a privileged life with food, shelter, clothing etc but is everyone facilitated with the same, do we even think?
Many hollywood directors’ picturise India, portraying beggars. This is what one of them had to say:
"I wish i was rich, if I were I would give all the children on the streets food and shelter"
A person who has nothing is ready to share, then why are we so greedy?
We buy and throw but we are hesitant to share, share our country's own resources for its progress.
Let’s share the everlasting and the most valuable asset we have - "education". All we have to do is educate at least one kid because they are the building blocks of tomorrow. Let us ensure that our future is safe!
At school we were taught proper behavior, honesty, respect, philanthropy and several such things but do we understand them now?
We are taught that We have to clean up our own mess but are we cleaning the "dirt" in our mother land? Charity begins at home!
We need to decide what kind of place we want to live in.
We are always told that the best solution is being implemented but you can't say that any more looking at what is happening in reality.
I'm only one person but i know we all are a family, 1.2 billion strong and nothing can change that. We all are together in this fight of saving our future.
Let us begin with certain actions because our actions should reflect our words.



Clean and Green India

  “Clean and green India is my dream.” I wish to see roads that are absolutely clean, school and college campuses with trash nowhere around except in the dust bins, people who feel social responsibility to keep their cities clean, public places and cultural heritage sites protected and kept as clean as our own lawns.
   India is a nation where no ritual starts without cleaning the house, no day starts without morning prayers (which are supposed to be done with utmost hygiene.), where no women enters into her kitchen without taking bath. A typical Indian house is always neat, clean and hygienic. These instances show that the sense of cleanliness is still prevailing in our minds, but is limited only to the compound walls of our houses which we consider to be our possessions. If this sense can be given a bigger range, I am sure that clean nation is not so far away. Mere enforcement of environmental laws is not enough to bring about a change. A bigger mission is required. The enormous hidden potential in children and youth can do it.

As we say “stop complaining about your nation and do your part well… because you are your nation.” I took an oath that I am not going to litter on the roads.
 I want to see my dream coming true by steps like:

  1. Explain the children in nearby schools that throwing garbage on the roads is not less than a sin.
  2. Talk to all the families in my colony and see that everybody feels a social responsibility to keep the streets neat.
  3. I will go to each and every class of my college and make them realize that it takes nothing more than a minute and a clean attitude to throw the wrappers of the chocolates they eat and papers they tear only into the dust bins.
  4.  I will do my part well and influence people around me to do the same. I will keep the message spreading on and on until my colony, my campus and my city become ideally neat.
  5. Then the idea of keeping the nation clean goes larger.

These steps may be small. But big miracles happen only from small changes. A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step and the first is mine.

 Aditya Kashyap
 Cognizant (CTS)



India- Amongst the list of a million epithets which one can find, the one which remains my favorite is that of "the golden bird". Being a being brought up in the early 21st century, I have been a witness of many events in my country, some glorious, while most of them belonging to the unacceptable, negative side. It has become the land of one of the highest hunger rates in the world. Poverty, corruption, High crime rates is what comes to the mind of foreigners when they think/talk about India- Which was once called the land of Plenty, Prosperity & Virtue.  So, I began my research, on what could be the reason for that the Golden bird of those days has lost its wings and has gone down and hit the ground hard. Some say it’s the British exploitation, some say it’s because of corruption while some just put the blame on the system which is/has been running. But I would say that the problem is in US, Yes US the citizens of this Glorious Nation. In the words of Swami Vivekananda-
"We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act.”
My dream for My country, India- Is to get its "Golden Bird" Era back.
The biggest question which would come into my mind is: How it could be done?  The answer would be in 3 E's - Education, Emancipation & Empowerment. And I would say that these are inter-related to each other. By educating a person we would emancipate him from the shackles of poverty ,distress and depression and would empower him/her, make him/her a part of what really is called in the modern days- India 2.0.
But that is just a part of the story; Education does not just mean making him/her a literate. it means to give the citizen a sense of responsibility towards his/her country making him/her realize that every single action of theirs not just defines them, But the society around them as well!.
How Could I as a responsible & educated citizen of this country be of any help for this cause?, one might think.
As they say, Sometime the best solutions are the most simplest in nature. We should just do what we're supposed to do by law & virtue. If you see anything wrong going on, try stopping it, even if the matter might sound menial and insignificant at that moment. Try educating that person about the wrong doing and guide him/her to the right path. Pay your taxes, stand by what is right. Follow the 3 E's. feel empowered, take the responsibility on your shoulders, as Mahatma Gandhi Said-
"Be the change you want to see in this world"
It might sound simple in words, But the road ahead is a rocky, hilly one. There will be many obstacles and challenges in our way, but How we come out of those challenges victoriously defines what we really are! Again, In the words of Swami Vivekananda-
"Arise, Awake and Stop not till the Goal is reached!”
The goal of being called the Golden Bird again, The watering hole of knowledge, Technology and Virtue. With perseverance, anything is possible they say. So will be our dream of Getting back India to its Previous Glory!

Patancheru, Hyderabad
 Thakur Mahendar Singh

 TRR College of Engineering and technology


Problems that prevailing in India

 As an Indian I want to see India to be counted in the list of developed countries. Since 19th century we have been listening that India is developing country. I want to see India to be changed in such a way that Europeans come to India in search of jobs and for learning our culture. Now a day’s our Indians not following out Indian culture and traditions where as Europeans are very much eager to learn our culture and tradition. Our Indians are blessed with hands on knowledge in every area but still we not able to find them in India they are going to European countries and working for them. I want all those Indians to come back to India and share their knowledge among us.
Education system:
Education system has to been changed CBSE syllabus has to be implemented even in the state from the primary classes only with some modifications in the syllabus otherwise students get stressed because of the vast syllabus and selection of staff has to be improved a lot so that they also provide good guidance for the students for their future and providing quality education for the students. I would like to guide my younger brothers and sisters those who are studying in SSC. Those who are interested in inter (MPC), instead of doing inter it will be better that you go for polythenic, this will help you in learning things in practical way and if you want to go for engineering ECET exam will be the best option for you people.
Corruption is another dangerous disease that is prevailing in India very extensively in every hook and corner. Anna Hazare had done the right thing by appealing for JAN LOKPALL BILL. If JAN LOKPALL BILL is passed then we can create India in such a way that it is no more called to be developing country. Switzerland is one of those cities which have developed recently by bringing all the black money and making use of it in proper way. When small city like Switzerland can develop then can’t we do it for India and we stand third place in the population wise. It is very shame for us that even for government jobs they are taking corruption though the person is having all the caliber that is needed for that post, if this is going to continue then India will never be counted in the list of developed countries. Election commission has to take care that politicians utilize only the amount which is sanctioned by commission for the campaign. 
As in date we all knew that if we want our children to study in any corporate school we need lot of money for lower class and middle class families which is quite impossible. Parents are sending these kids to work as child labour due to which the rate of child labour is increasing in India. To eradicate child labour and make these kids to study our honorable ex- chief minister Chandra Babu Naidu started free supply of text books and note books in government schools, started Aakshyapatra and encouraged girls to study. Our honorable late ex- chief minister DR.Y.S.Rajashekar Reddy has introduced fee reimbursement program for graduation students and implemented Rajiv Gandhi IIIT University and the main focus from this program is to benefit the government school students. Our honorable chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy is also mainly focusing to full fill the government lecture post through TET and DSC exam which raised the bar.
As in date in Andhra Pradesh we have around 805 engineering colleges and the outcome of engineering students every year is in lakhs but only very few of them were able to get jobs and the rest is left, due to which the rate of unemployment is has increased. AP government has taken a step to reduce the unemployment through the scheme Rajiv Yuva Kiranalu but it does not go to a great extent.
We all knew that how fossil fuels are formed, day by day we are destroying plants for many purposes due to which formation of fossil fuels is not occurring in the earth. To eradicate this problem we have to mainly depend up on our available non renewable energy sources. Non renewable energy sources are Solar energy, Wind energy, Tidal energy, Biomass.
Of the four energy sources, first three energy sources will be available only based on the seasonal changes in the year. Biomass is available in 365 days; using biomass (i.e. dung of cattle) we can prepare biogas or go bar gas. India is the highest cattle population country. These biogas plants were established in India long back only but almost all of them were failed. This biogas is ecofriendly to nature, with use of this biogas we can have many uses and this gas is used in production of electricity, using biogas we can generate 1Terawatt current where as from dams we can only generate current in Megawatts besides that the problem with the dams is stagnant water will lead to increase of mosquitoes population and when floods occurs overflow of dam water will lead to damage agricultural land and crop of the farmers. If government is ready to establish this biogas plant in almost a plant in each village it will reduce the power cuts in India and it helps to recruit lakhs of engineers. Rajasthan government is implementing this biogas plant presently and Gujarat government is working with solar energy.
I would like to thank Rajasthan and Gujarat government for taking initiative step in working the non renewable energy sources.

 Poola Vinay


India is a great country with different religions, cultures, languages etc. It is one of the richest countries around the world in my point of view but all the persons will be saying that India is developing country. Yes, it is true. Our country is developing country. It means richest developing country. My thinking is to develop day-by-day. We will not take rest till we develop all the things in our country. All the machineries, companies and all luxuries are there in your country like in U.S.A, U.K developed countries. But we are being considered as developing countries because we have to work every day to develop better than the past. When we are talking about India with other persons or outside the country, the most common person will be come to the mind is freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, and Bhagat Singh etc. Many freedom fighters had sacrificed their lives for our independence but there are some loopholes to be observed i.e., corruption, unemployment, law and order, inadequate government ruling and policies.
My dream in India is to make all are literates and employed all the persons, and make sure that law and order will do properly and safe.
I want to become a civil servant. It's my dream from my childhood onwards. As a civil servant i can do many things for this society and our country. Civil servant got more respect in the society than politicians etc. A civil servant can change the rule for the good society. No one can suspended by government if the civil servant was doing good for society except corrupted or some other illegal activities. An IAS can rule the country, which can balance many things within their posting. The civil servant can do the reduction of corruption by giving strict rules to the officials. And they can rectify the unemployment problem by consulting the politicians. My other desire is all the Indians should think that they are social workers because if the persons will think like that way, all the persons will unite and doing something for the society. If all the hands of the people will unite together then there will be less of problems and rectify the problems and people will be happy. To get this type of change, the help of politicians also must. The politician will behave like to serve for the people not for his/her seat then the problem will be definitely solve. Not one person can change the society. All the different fields of people will unite, and then we expect a change to society.
I am going to contribute to society in many ways. I want to become an IPS Officer. I am keen interested to join in police department from my childhood onwards. In that way I am interested in civil services for the past 3 years. If I become IPS, then I can control the law and order wherever i go. I will not afraid of the politicians etc. I will not corrupt for sure and I will not encourage the corruption if anyone corrupted, i will punish even for my higher officials. I will make campaigns in the police department to serve the people with equality. I will make a blog in the social networking site and the normal people can post their problems in my blog. Then I will definitely solve the problem what they are looking for. I will not take foot back even if the politicians, higher officials even my family members make mistake. I can face any situation for the better society. I can do any sacrifice for the society and our country.  I feel proud to be Indian. Jai Hind



Proud Indian citizens

I am going to narrate my idea to develop myself, my society, and my country. One of the great presidents of India, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam said in his book “wings of fire “that Indian youth lacking clear vision about their future. They have all the information, Capability, resourcefulness but they lacking direction of their life.
Recently a very bitter truth came in the newspapers. Among the large number of engineering students of Kerala only less than 25 % percentage of engineering students passing their graduation. 75 % of the students dropping out or failed in the exam. Even more bitter fact is that only 25 % of the Indian youth are employable remaining 75 % are just graduates but not employable

It shows mainly two things.
1 most of the students don’t have a blueprint about their future
2 The problems in the current educational system

To get out of this problem we have to make a constant and conscious effort to empower the Indian youth to dream.

So I as an Indian citizen I will contribute as much as I can by conducting training programs for college students and high school students and I will try to fulfill Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam wishes as I can do.

I dream an India were youths are highly skilled and education making them a better human being instead of make them run behind jobs I dream an India were youths are able to start their own enterprises. 

EEE (2011-2015)

Strong Leadership

 MY INDIA MY DREAM What is a dream? Dreams are a series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history. The scientific study of dreams is known as oneirology. Vision; To see an India free of poverty and illiteracy where the poor are empowered, an India where the bridge between the poor and the rich is within acceptable limits. An India in which today's underprivileged youth succeed tomorrow, create a niche space for themselves, and are able to contribute to the growth of the country. Lastly we also dream of an India in which every other educated soul understands the importance of giving back what he has taken from the society. And that this makes India go from strength to strength. Mission; To mobilize the undeniable and boundless energy, spirit and strength of India's youth and carry out activities aimed at the betterment of life of the underprivileged and also the education of the under privileged kids. We hope to achieve this by forming groups from people living in same localities and helping them carry out the above mentioned activities in their respective localities. We believe that such work happening in different pockets of the nation would add up and help a lot of people. Abdul Kalam's famous quotes for dream; 1. You have to dream before your dreams can come true. 2. To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal. 3. Be more dedicated to making solid achievements than in running after swift but synthetic happiness. 4. Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended. 5. Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it is to the top of Mount Everest or to the top of your career. 6. We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us. "A developed India by 2020 or even earlier, is not a dream. It need not be a mere vision in the minds of many Indians. It is a mission we can all take up - and succeed. -The above where the famous quotes by our x-president APJ ABDUL KALAM. If I am the PRESIDENT OF INDIA; 1. TO KILL TERRORISM. 2. TO KILL POVERTY. 3. TO KILL CHILD LABOUR. 4. TO BRING OUT YOUNG TALENTS. 5. TO BRING NATIONAL SPIRIT TO EACH AND EVERY ONE. 6. TO ENHANCE GLORY OF SPORTS. 7. TO KILL ROBBERY. 8. TO DEVELOP INDIA ECONOMICALLY. 9. TO MAKE INDIA A SUPER POWER IN MILITARY AND POLICE FORCES. 10. TO UPHOLD SECURITY OF INDIANS. In my view, the following should be the ten commandments of a president of India. According to me, India is already a developed country. If the above 10 points are followed by the president of India, within two years India is the no1 country. The most probable reason of India being a developing country is terrorism. KILL THE TERRORISM; Sitting in an AC Room and talking about Nation don’t mean that, we are Impotent to Serve our Country. It’s not alone the Guns which serve our Country, also our Votes, Our Tax, Our Spiritual Prayers for our Country. As a Normal Indian, We are Born with Fighting Spirit, Guts & Love towards Mother land? Especially I feel that being an INDIAN. During early 20's & 30's our people had good leaders who motivated them in the right path. Our people are generally motivated very easily, a small spark is enough. Let me say more, we had sparks from Vivekananda, Gandhi & Nethaji. When Nethaji called for INDIAN NATIONAL ARMY, Our people were the FIRST & the BEST. Our Records proves this. Even the British Government wanted us during their World Wars. Even before that, long long back... Years ago? How was our Country? Did we have any Fear? NO. India is the First Civilized Country even before others started learning about Trade & Politics. Our Ancestors only Policy was to Fight for Motherland. NOW, what’s our PROBLEM? What's the Major Problem Now? Where did our GUTS GO? WHY are we NOT ABLE to STOP these TERRORIST? 1. We LACK LEADERS? Nowadays we have a leader who does the same Motivation and use people properly? But, to Attack the Opposition Party and their Leaders. Is it Constructive? 2. Our LAWS are OLD: We don’t have Strict Laws and enforcing the Laws Strictly is again a BIG QUESTION 3. Our NGO's: They don’t know what their part .Also some Associations regularly take up their flag and start shouting, that we are STRICT. 4. FREEDOM: Our Safety Guards Lacks Freedom, INDIA is the ONLY Country to Smile and Stay Quiet even after its OWN HQ- Parliament Building ATTACK. Is that Not a Valid Reason to Attack and Destroy the Terrorist Groups Behind? 5. WEARING GLASS: Our INDIAN Government is wearing a Glass called "PEACE". PEACE should be MUTUAL, Not one side saying peace and other side attacking our Holders. Number of terrorist attacks in India since 1993: 33 Number of terrorist attacks in India since 2001: 30 Number of terrorist attacks in India in 2008: 10 Number of people killed since 1993: 1300+ -by this now we all can understand the reason. MY DREAM; Always one should have strong desire in their ambition and dream. My ambition is IPS-INDIAN POLICE SERVICE. If I ask my friends in the class, what is their aim? And their answer is? I want 2 become a doctor, if I can’t then I will become an engineer. In my dictionary there is no word ‘Can’t’. Everyone should know that they are capable and they can. That is the spirit of a true dream. But in my ambition I will aim for one thing and will surely win in becoming IPS. I will do it. I will be loyal for my country and I will be one of the Indian in developing a developed India. MY DREAM INDIA; The day when I feel proud of my country The day when India becomes super power The day when the poor villages get light The day when on one dies out of starvation The day when I see no child labour The day when every child gets 100% education The day when women are highly respected The day when everyone follows Mahatma's principle The day when I see only smiles on the faces of farmers The day when everyone is proud of my country India These all will happen when the upcoming youth shines. THE OATH OF EVERY INDIAN; 1. I realize I have to set a goal in my life, to achieve the goal I will acquire the knowledge, I will work hard and when the problem occurs, I have to defeat the problem and succeed. 2. As a youth of my nation, I will work and work with courage to achieve success in all my tasks and enjoy success of others. 3. I shall always keep myself, my home, my hostel, my surrounding, neighbourhood, and environment clean and tidy. 4. I realize righteousness in the heart leads to beauty in the character; beauty in the character brings harmony in the home, harmony in the home leads to order in the nation, order in the nation leads to peace in the world. Where does it start? From one's father, mother and primary school teacher. Now you guys have to do it. 5. I will lead an honest life, free from all corruption and will set an example for others to adapt a righteousness way of life. 6. I will light the lamp of knowledge in the nation and ensure that it remains lit forever. 7. I realize, whatever work I do, if I do it best I am contributing towards realizing the vision of developed India Finally, Dream, dream, dream. Dream transforms into thoughts. Thoughts result into action.
JAI HIND!! Bharat Mata ki Jai.......

 Dheeraj Inampudi
Infosys, Hebbal Electric city,Mysore

Flat no.406, Czech Colony,
4th street, Sanath Nagar,

 Research – The Future of India

 India is a secular state and various religions bloom here without hindrance. We have inherited our culture through the centuries. There is unity in diversity. It is the land of Shiva and Krishna, the Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi. India - my beloved country - which produced the greats of modern times in the world - has a proud place in my droughts. India is the biggest democracy, the land of temples and one of the oldest civilizations of the world, the second most populous country in the world.
 I aspire to see India growing in all the segments. This growth is mostly dependent on the youth of the country as over 35% of our population is below the age of 20. Today most of the youth after doing their Degree are either settling in jobs or becoming victims of unemployment. No one is considering Research field seriously. It is shame on us that we are forgetting our ancestors; they were great innovators, researchers, Scholars, Intellectuals. At this point I recollect the great words said by Vikram Sarabhai during setting up of ISRO, Indian Science and Research Organization, "There are some who question the relevance of space activities in a developing nation. To us, there is no ambiguity of purpose. We do not have the fantasy of competing with the economically advanced nations in the exploration of the moon or the planets or manned space-flight. But we are convinced that if we are to play a meaningful role nationally, and in the community of nations, we must be second to none in the application of advanced technologies to the real problems of man and society." Hence, research should be encouraged in India and all the students should be motivated towards taking up research in the subject of their interest and thereby it helps in the development of our Nation.
My action towards this goal is, I would take up higher studies and would travel in the path towards research in subject of my interest and also would form a group of like-minded people and would take up sessions in various colleges to inculcate the spirit of taking up research among the students of those colleges. We as a group would make the students aware how important it is for our Nation to have maximum amount of the students taking up research.

Mourya Adarsh


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Variety – Problem? Solution!

 1. The government has banned child labour. But still there are lots of child labourers. What should the government do to free the country of child labourers?
First of all, I want to thank for creating this opportunity to engage with citizens concerned for children who are in challenging situations. The banning of child labour is a strong reflection of our government’s political will to end child labour in India. But like any other law, the test of the law is in its implementation. So, as civil society it is our responsibility to create awareness about the law, push and work with the government towards implementing the law and equipping local communities to hold the government accountable. World Vision India’s way of equipping local communities through over 5300 children’s clubs were children are made aware of their rights and active in making their presence felt in the community.
2. People talk about abolishing child labour. But it is yet to be done properly. What are the obstacles that have to be overcome?
It is true. Lot needs to be done. Some of the obstacles we have seen in our work include poverty situations, access to education, school not a ‘child friendly space’, weak enforcement of existing laws just to name a few. We need to advocate with the government to back up the legislation with necessary budgetary support. One of the key challenges is the alternatives that are available for children who are brought out of child labour. Strong programmes from the government that ensure that children have a future through education and economic support for families. World Vision’s child labour eradication strategy calls for Prevention, Restoration and Advocacy.
3. What individuals can do to prevent child labour?
First of all do not practice child labour. Do not employ child labour at home or work place. When you see a child being employed, speak on behalf of the child and contact Child line at 1098 or a World Vision office near your place or any other NGO to report this. Do not encourage products that use child labour in their manufacture.
The October 2006 notification had taken a very bold step in banning domestic child labour and child labour in shops and establishments. But, it takes more than a simple government order. Civil societies and citizens must get involved. Abolishing child labour has larger economic and social fallout. Government and NGOs should work together to see that these former child labourers are not forced underground due to the ban and enter into trafficking and sex trade.
4. Do you think sending the child back to school will solve his/her basis problem? What the world vision has done to rehabilitate the child?
World Vision believes that every child not in school is a potential child labourer. We seek to assure that every child in all our programme areas has access to education. In some cases where children have never been to school, World Vision helps them catch up through bridge schools so that they can get into the mainstream of education. Rehabilitation could also include vocational and technical education based on their age and abilities.
Many families have helped children by taking them as domestic helps. Some of these children have gained more freedom and exposure by this. Enforcing the ban on employing them in houses will, in fact, questions the good intentions of many families.
5. How does World Vision plan to end child labour?
or World Vision child labour is a serious issue. We have committed ourselves to ending child labour in all communities where we work and the three pillars of this strategy are Prevention, Restoration and Advocacy. Some of the steps include · developing the capacity of self-help groups, village/basti development committees and children’s clubs · Active participation of children in all community processes · Strengthening the economic viability of child labourer’s families · Developing alternative education/skill training for former child labourers · Psychosocial support for traumatized child labourers · Advocacy with government and other institutions on child labour issues.
Every child has a right to education and childhood. What you are saying is right in the sense that their economics do not support it. World Vision believes that instead of exploiting their vulnerability, we should invest in their ability to realize their right. World Vision seeks to do exactly this through our child sponsorship programme. The sponsorship programme helps one concerned citizen like you to be a partner with a child whose rights are being deprived. We think that this is a better option than employing this vulnerable child.
No organization or Government alone can solve this problem. If we as individuals take care to educate the wards of our domestic help or otherwise alleviate their economic disability, I think this would be a small step in the direction of removing child labor.
All that we can do as a government or a non-government organization is only drop in the ocean. Child labour in India can only be eradicated if we as citizens can come together and create a movement that is committed to building a nation fit for children.


SHIMLA 171005

 Nearly four years ago, during economic depression, I heard news that a woman snatched a roti from her neighbour to eat. Was it theft? Answer is yes, it was. Then question is, “Shouldn’t the thief be punished?” Then I will say do you really want it to be punished? Because first it should be decided who was thief. It wasn’t that woman, but us. We all, who have enough to eat and can make a choice. Woman was just taking her part of food which was snatched from her. If this is condition after 65 years of independence then we have to seriously think who got independence? If you ask me what kind of India I dream of? My answer is poverty free and more precisely hunger free.
Now biggest question is how this can be achieved? Well everyone will say government should look into the matter. Yes, you are right! It is responsibility of government. But is it its sole responsibility? Can we run from our responsibility? What if government doesn’t act?
Now next question is why is poverty there? Yes, it is due to their very low earning. I am not favouring social structure where all have equal income but shouldn’t there be a limit; at least a lower one. A labourer or a farmer who toil whole day in sun is unable to make his both ends meet and some of them even commit suicide while we sit comfortably in A.C. room without bothering about basic requirement of food and shelter but dreaming about a house and car.
Again my discussion seems out of context because deciding minimum wages etc. are policy decisions. But no, I am not out of track. All the points I have made are to change a common mentality that it is their fate and to make you realize that these people deserve more.
It’s high time that all of us start contributing towards the society. There are many reasons of poverty still pertaining in India; corruption, unemployment, illiteracy. As these are other big problems so I will limit my discussion only on eradicating poverty touching these points wherever necessary. If one is in government or an IAS officer he can do lot in this direction. But people like you and me can also create lot of difference. All we have to do is to spare our some precious time and spend little money. One reason of their poverty is lack of awareness in them and so we have to make them aware about what is good for them. Generally daily wage workers earn enough money at least enough not to die of starvation if their two major problems are eradicated. One is their addiction to alcohol and tobacco and second is their large family.
So we have to make them realize how bad is tobacco and alcohol to their health. Show them if they will spend their money on nutritious food instead of these they will be blessed with good health and also the money which would have been spent to cure illness caused by these, will be saved. Most of their problem will be solved if they leave these. Secondly, make them understand that if their family will be small they will be able to feed their children properly and they will not starve. Tell them that time has gone when more children meant more workforce. Now a child cannot work before 14 year and till then what they will feed them? You can take 1 step further and encourage them to send their children to school. Now school education is totally free and if any small amount is required you can offer them to help. If you are able to educate their children you will be saving a whole generation from suffering of hunger.
These are the few small steps which I will be following and can be proved fruitful in direction of making India hunger free.

P.Karthik Rao.


Joined Effort
 As we all know that India is a secularist, democratic and republic country. Since 50 years we the citizens of India are reading the above sentence but while reading anybody peeped or tried to understand the words? Democratic and republic are the two words which make country into people’s country. In our emblem there is a word, Satyameva Jayate. Now-a-days these words have become a joke as this word is given no respect. India is traditionally and culturally developed but is this enough to develop a country? India is said as a developing country but as we see the corruption in our country, the taxes which we are paying are going to the accounts of corrupted politicians. Every day, every citizen of our country watches the new channel for entertainment. They don’t see that their taxes are going to the corrupted people in the form of scams. Normal India would think to gain money by doing job and to feed their family that’s all they are going to do in their Life. There are very less people who tried to change or to develop India but they failed because this thing is not going to happen by 1 or 2 people. If all the citizens of India feel that their country is going down and down by them then there would be some change in our country. In all cases like corruption, rise in prices, inflation, change in environment etc, there is a hand of normal citizen of India, due to their lack of realization. If there is a totally lack of realization of people of India then our country would be the poorest countries in the world. If we consider India and Korea in 20 century then India and Korea have the same condition. Both were merely poor countries. But if we compare the status of 21st century then India would remain back in the race because lack of development. We have a lot of different languages, and one regional uneducated cannot speak any other language than his. India the educated spit on the road, don’t follow traffic rules, they make the roads as the dust bins. In our country we pay some tax for getting water also. We people waste the water because we think that we are paying money or tax for water. The narrow minded people use their rights in the wrong way. We people feel that we have chosen a wrong leader our work is only to pay taxes? No we have to do hard work from our side also. Our leaders need a Ferrari Porsche and a luxury house and a fully loaded bank balance that’s all. If a leader doesn’t understand the poverty of people behind his luxury then he is of no use. Instead he should be killed to eat the public money. We know that there is an act existing now that cigarette smoking is prohibited in our country, but out government is so weak that even policemen drinks in open public area. We should dream the tomorrow of India and we should start a mission and enforce our dreams into action. I dreamed India to be a beautiful country with trees and all over the country. Skyscrapers don’t make a country into a developed one. If people donate that money to poor people their work to be completed. If they donate that money to poor people their work in future will be truly completed. Instead a group of people of people collect all the belongings to god, they can collect for themselves. I would more or less make my country richer than America and Russia. In future people should realize the reason for their poorness. The rich and the poor should be equally enforced under the law.
India is not a small country like Bhutan and not a big one like brazil. India has its own traditions and culture. Even today there exist child employment, it should be destroyed. Irrigation facilitated should be given equally to all. People with a bad background should not be elected. Hindi should be preferred to English with science and technology commerce etc... Groups’ students should also realize about their slow development country. Lack of Jobs means lack of knowledge and lack of application of Knowledge.
Action that can make India brighter:
A group of people should come together and discuss about various things like poverty increasing taxes, etc. These groups of people should talk to the political leader of their region and start developing one by one education after that poverty. Slowly at last we should truly see an India into a Brighter India in 10years, if we work for its development.

Hyderabad / Andhra Pradesh
DOB: 24/06/90
Education: B. Tech.
Assistant Systems Engineer, TCS.
D.no: 9-19-16, makina vari street , kothapet,

Made in India
“obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal”

Where is India’s Google and iPads etc? If these products not originated in our country it doesn’t mean that we are lack of technology or its advancements. How many of us know that out of many products of east and west the integrated chips and internals parts are developed or introduced by our own Indians. India is a country which has a scope of utilization of manpower in en masse. However lack of infrastructure and amenities intellectuals are fleeing to west or east (brain drain). The finished products or services from those countries are coming with a tag line ‘made in xyz country’. With proper organization and effective utilization of resources, both natural and human, those tags can be reverted as ‘Made in India’. Now we need to make that ‘Brain Drain’ to ‘Brain Gain’.

When will we cease to be e-coolies? Imagine and decide a product with tags ‘outsourced in India’ or ‘owned by India’. Which one is best former or later? Just recall: sun Microsystems – vinod khosla, Pentium chip - Vinod Dham, Hotmail – Shabeer Bhatia. All are Indians, whose innovations are behind these institutes. So we Indian are already proved in innovation, now we need to sustain it. There are many ways for sustainability like providing infrastructure to the R&D. Many countries were awestruck by our people’s capabilities and started their R&D’s in India. Example Texas instruments is the first major MNC to start R&D in Bengaluru. Government of India is also having bi-lateral relations with developed countries to have technology transfer. This is being good sign for development and it seems reverse process of brain drain leading to brain gain.
In order to say a country as a developed country, each and every fractal part of country’s contribution is required. We can strive to develop it from its roots. Standing second in terms of large population is most advantage we have than any other country. We can have people with more qualification than required for a particular job which leads to process innovation. As we have already proved in product innovation, if we prove in process innovation also then we can expect our vision to be fulfilled in near future. In order to attain this we need to provide qualitative education to the people. Thanks to our Indian government as It has already started plan to provide basic education to our people. We have to provide opportunities to establish industries and it companies to have our own products with our own tags. Then the journey of both product innovation and process innovation will be coherent. Remember history of India, our country is one having most sophisticated technologies anciently. So if we plan to act in present with all the past experience we had, we can frame our future best.
“Made in India”

Hamirpur / Himachal Pradesh

DOB: 20/12/90

B. Tech.

Final Yr Student

(MD/706, Dipka Colony, Gevra Project, Dist-Korba, Chhattisgarh, Pin:495452)
Melioration by Education
I always wish with a wish that my wish works; and I always work with a belief that situations do change. This time I wish to speak bluntly about our country as- ‘Educated India’, ‘Healthy India’ and ‘Aware India’. I wish our India to grow not by fancying other countries but by acknowledging and developing our own ethical code. I keenly want to see our societies and culture out of those preset dogmas. Instead of ethical motive, our motive should be to bring forth the independent individuals with sovereign minds. How cool and adept it would be if every citizen is employed, if every city/town/village if self-empowered, if women are treated equally as men, if every child goes to school and if every Indian is educated. Education is undoubtedly the only key to improve all these matters along with the health and awareness issue as well. So, this time I wish to accomplish my India as self-reliance by improving the education status of our country.
My first mission: Bad, good, better, best or worst, whatever may be the conditions of education in India, at least we should statistically remain aware of the reality facts. Just imagine a situation where we don’t even know that where we stand exactly, and don’t know about the actual education status out there, will it be then possible for us to improve the current scenario. Unfortunately this will definitely become the case after few years because of the scheme of several state governments to raise children up to Class X by passing everyone compulsorily up to this class; meanwhile students of even 10th Std. can’t read or write a single word, which is the case in majority villages as I’ve visited many. So now, illiterate will still be their but they are labeled as ‘educated illiterates’ as statistics say.  A mere rise in the statistical data may strengthen their electoral muscle but, as I fear, it is also making the realistic situation precarious. In future we won’t be able to improve effectively because statistics will say that everything is going perfectly. My first mission is to appeal the govt. to stop such deteriorating plans which instead of improving, worsens the condition for future doers.
My second mission: Though, there are several beautifully framed conscious plans and motivational schemes by the govt. for improvement of education system, but they seem as not working properly just because of the less interested teachers involved in the system, which are very crucial facet and having a vital persona in improvement or derailment both. Due to this kind of ineffectiveness of plans, I believe in an entirely different path of improvement. I believe that it would work a lot better if society of educated people starts helping the other needy people nearby their own society. For this, govt. can start different campaigns to motivate the educated portion of the society for making them realize about their responsibilities towards uneducated people. And to make it easier govt. can come up along with plans in which educated people just have to volunteer, while those plans include the up-liftment in the backdrop of education. This is not just an idea, but this sort of activity is started by an exemplary work done in our college NIT Hamirpur (H.P.) where a philanthropic activity is carried out by the students of our college called ‘Literacy Mission’. In this activity, we students voluntarily help the children of underprivileged society inside and nearby the campus in their education, financially by paying their school fees, by motivating their parents to send them to school, by providing stationery, by daily evening one hour classes etc. We raise funds for this by an annual cultural-cum-charity fest ‘PRAYAS’. I, as a coordinator of ‘Literacy Mission’, can assure by my experience of last three years that this kind of personally interactive help worth’s peerless. Education should be meant for the improvement of lives, not for improvements of data. The prodigious ‘Literacy Mission’ after the ceaseless efforts of 7years has bring momentous change in the children of underprivileged society it is working with inside the campus and this has proven that anything in this world is possible if once determined with a beacon of hope and relentlessly devoted labor.
Just think of it that once every society started this sort of work, how tremendously things will change. Don’t know about the plans of govt., but the way I am going to contribute to make India educated is by trying to raise similar ‘Literacy Mission’ in my locality wherever I go to live after my college life also. Whatever it requires, I definitely am going to do this, and I just unwaveringly know it.


anjaihnagar colony,gachibowli
seri lingampallly mandal
rangareddy district

 My vision about our country is to see every family in India to get all the basic needs in their lives that are poor. Basic needs primarily for poor are nothing but food, clothing and shelter. In addition to this sanitation, health care, education is also important needs in their life. Poor in India expects nothing more than this. Even government is trying to provide these facilities and taking up several programmes. But they are not achieving any success in their programmes which they are expected to. Corruption is the most resisting factor to achieve these objectives. The government funds should be invested directly, so that gap between people and government decreases and the maximum poor will be benifitted. The strategy that I adopt for basic needs programme will be named MY VILLAGE, STATE, COUNTRY.
The actual concept of this programme is to bring all the educated and rich people in my village to a common platform and explain them about the problems of poor and collecting funds (called as basic needs trust) as much as possible from them and also from external sources. And then next we will discuss about the strategy to spend those money for basic needs. All the basic needs are directly linked up with money but we can reduce the amount in case of education, sanitation and health. What we can do here is, for sanitation we can include the local men for work force. For education, there will be lot of students living in urban areas who are interested in serving society, by them we can prepare quality video lessons which can be understood to every standard. These videos can be distributed to all schools we can also arrange some interaction classes with those students. Coming to health we should encourage and motivate M.B.B.S graduates (of that village or other) to work for society. After grouping interested graduates we should make a time table based upon their free time so that they will consult the patients on regular basis. Person of my village will be responsible for maintenance of all the things for specific duration. After completion of his turn, the next will take care of.
Once i complete the work in my village, then I will start implementing the same concept in another village and making a person of that village responsible to implement the programme properly. There will be a checking committee of that village whose members are educated persons, checks whether the programme is being implemented properly or not. After completing all villages in my district, then I will go for next. Financial support is very important factor in this programme which will be supported by local funds given by villagers and also basic needs trust which is supreme trust where funds will be collect everywhere. Regular sessions will be held at different locations where number of students and intellectuals participate who take the job to spread the importance of basic needs programme in every village. This programme will be taken up to national level. Here also there might be problem of misusing wealth but as the person of that village is directly responsible and have to show all the records to checking committee of that village there will be less chance of misusing the wealth. Still there is lot of minor works should be done in this blueprint. This is my action which i will implement in future for my mother India.
JAI HIND............